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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I think bigger production would have pushed it to that majesty, but the melody has a timeless feel. Masterpiece is the same way. Great song but could have been presented a bit better.
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  2. There was enough love for Causing A Commotion last month
  3. Nah, it was not enough and it's just a lame excuse. Don't call it 50 number ones only to put 49 on it and add a song to represent a mixes compilation that wasn't even remixed at first place.
  4. I love this long hair on her!
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  5. Wasn't "Messiah" originally written for The Giver soundtrack? Still so random.
  6. Ok
  7. Can they do Human Nature or Bedtime Story next?
  8. "You can put something out and you can have an audience instantly and you can get feedback instantly and you don't need a whole huge marketing machine," she adds. "You get people telling you right away whether something's working or not. So it's great to have a new way to get music out."

    This excites me - I'm glad she is thinking outside of the old-school release strategy box. Give us the gradual titbits mama!
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  9. This is the only one I’ve returned too. Because there’s more Madonna on it
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  10. They made the right choice. They really tried to force I Rise on fans but it’s just not strong enough.
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  11. Wish the mixes do get uploaded to streaming thought at some point.
  12. In their review, The Ringer said I Rise "has the lifeless, fake uplift of an Oscar-nominated song nobody likes from a documentary nobody saw." And sadly I thought that was lowkey the perfect description.
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  13. I watched Desperately Seeking Susan again last night (for about the 100th time) I love how she is basically
    playing herself and how ridiculously cool she looks. Her outfits are a dream.
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  14. Such a great movie, this and Evita are by far her finest film roles.
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  15. A League Of Their Own too! And I find her perfect in Dick Tracy.
    As Tarantino said:

    "I've always said that Madonna has gotten a bad rap. She was the only actor who knew what she was doing in Dick Tracy. She was my favorite in A League of Their Own. If I had something right for her, I would totally cast her."
  16. The pattern is Madonna is not a great lead. She would do well with a limited role with an experienced cast around her.
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  18. The remixes of I RISE are awesome thou.
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