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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. $346,000 for charity is all that matters.
    NY Post still obsessed with Madonna though!
  2. That's still an insane amount of money to pay for a link to a digital asset that you don't even own. It's far from an embarrassing figure.
  3. It’s still horrible for the environment and that remains the problem.
  4. Nobody said it wasn't.
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  5. Really?

    I couldn't imagine Madonna working with British/Euro pop producers in the 80's; obviously she did in the late 90's and 00's.

    PS - Supernatural - the single edit and the remix on Red, Hot and Dance - I love both mixes!

    How do people on here rate Love Song with Prince, and Till Death Do Us Part?
    I really like both.
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  6. Her school shooting message once again comes off as self-aggrandizing promo due to the inclusion of footage from a music video? The edit is also visibly fanmade for the occasion, and she just went "yeah, I'm going with this". The equivalent of this
    when it shouldn't be about her at all.
    Like, get her a PR team already, this is tiring.
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  7. I think her message is coming from her heart so why even go there?
  8. I wasn't bothered by it. It's not like it was a video montage of Madonna herself or she used hashtags for Madame X or God Control. I know she can come off as tone-deaf but I thought it was very genuine.
  9. The NFT market was over inflated, built solely on hype/speculation - so I'm glad there's been a correction.

    But like another poster said, that's still $346,000 going direct to charities, with Madonna or Beeple having to eat the cost of production because they did look relatively expensive to produce.
  10. I just wish she’d have cut them a check instead or at least have found something that wasn’t as harmful. It just screamed Guy Oseary. She probably invested in it.

    People are bypassing that saying it was for charity. That’s my point. Yes, it was for charity, but it’s still destructive.

    It’s incredible how she hasn’t made a peep about abortion rights. She was hugely outspoken about it back in the 90s.
  11. Well I heard her talk plenty about it on the Madame X Tour, so.
  12. The rumour around is that Madonna, Kylie and the real Abba are going to be under the same roof tonight for the Abbatars show in London.
  13. If so, I want Madonna to be seated next to Kylie
  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Guess it's time for her to just die then!!!!!!!!!
  15. Love this remix.
  16. You're probably going to get flak for this because of the PJ impulse to be overwhelmingly positive about any forum fave, but I find it tiring and irritating as well.

    I have no doubt it's coming from her heart, but I wish it would come from her head.
  17. Love Song is underrated. I'd easily take it over all of the album tracks from the previous three albums save maybe White Heat. I love how strange and anti-pop it is. The funk is so deep and the repetition of it is actually used to an interesting effect. It's a perfect reflection of the song's themes.

    Till Death Do Us Part is a masterful deep cut. The extreme use of contrast, the incredibly vulnerable and heartfelt lyrics, the unexpected shifts the song takes. This is one song (along with Spanish Eyes and Promise to Try) that I would use to argue that Like A Prayer's album tracks are above and beyond the ones she created for her previous records.
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