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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Body Shop, also a great M ballad.
  2. "You'll See" & "Live To Tell" are top-tier for me.
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  3. Great lists, but how can you forgive this gem?

  4. One of her most beautiful, elegant melodies and vocals. Sublime production too.
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  5. Such a shame this is buried on a soundtrack nobody bar her fans knows about. She could’ve got away with including it on GHV2 as a “new” track.
  6. Why is it called Time Stood Still, she only sings that in the first verse? It’s always bugged me. Surely The Next Best Thing makes sense being the chorus, I wonder if she thought it cheesey or something, anyone know?
  7. She saw the first move draft.
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  8. I know it's a bit of a flop choice, but Crazy for You is my fav M ballad. You'll See, Rain and The Power of Good-Bye are the only ones that may snatch the title, depending on my mood.

    Also, I'm pages late to the Like a Prayer talk, but Love Song is an absolutely hypnotic gem. It really sneaks up on you. I used to prefer Spanish Eyes to it, but now it's the runner-up to Til Death Do Us Part as the top album cut.
  9. She really has 20 or more great ballads doesn't she. Other girls don't even have 20 ballads period.
  10. My go-to Madonna ballads these days:

    Crazy For You
    Live To Tell
    The Look Of Love
    Promise To Try
    Oh Father
    Something To Remember
    This Used To Be My Playground
    In This Life
    Take A Bow
    The Power Of Goodbye
    Nothing Fails
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  11. It’s a more elegant title to me, and all her movies songs are not tied with the title of the movie (aside from Crazy For You, but that was the European title because of the song!) and Die Another Day.
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  12. I love songs that "bury the lede" with the title, so to speak. It makes it hit harder to me
  13. Same. Feels a little more creative. I also like when albums don’t have a title track.
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  14. Does anyone have a nice playlist of Madonna ballads post-Something To Remember? Obviously albums like Ray Of Light and American Life, as well as the Evita soundtrack, already offer a lot, but despite being a Little Medonster for quite a while now, I only learned about the existence of Time Stood Still today (!), thanks to this thread, so I'm thinking there might be a few more "forgotten" songs I'm not aware of.
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I might be up for this.
    There's definitely a decent More To Remember in there.

    Forgot to mention I love Messiah and Masterpiece to.
    Inside Out as well but that production kinda stopped it from being a ballad I guess.
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  16. I’ve made this a while back but it’s not strictly ballads it has some sexy midtempos too
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  17. I have a fondness for all her Orbit produced ballads - including this cracker

  18. Masterpiece and Falling Free are the main reason I revisit MDNA. It’s almost like they should be on another album.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Did a very quick starting point. Think I got the main ones here
    (Was a bit torn if I should consider Like It Or Not and Rebel Heart ballads. Same for Voices and Crave really. But then Rain was pretty midtempo too? Also obviously noone's here for Hey You, but for completion's sake...)
    Very tempted though to trim the fat, beginning with possibly all Evita songs

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