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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. So, after Kate Bush, Bananarama and Kylie, now Madonna has also decided to honour me!
  2. Especially as the market is crashing.
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  3. She has form here - she lost money during the dot com bubble too.

    I blame Guy O
  4. Madonna sweetie you need a manager that works in service of you as an artist and musician foremost.
  5. Guy used to be like that.
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  6. NFTs are a front for money laundering so it makes sense.
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  9. One could say that artists are here to find new and interesting ways to launder money.
  10. notic
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  11. Another collaboration this time with Tokischa - is this all really for her NFT gig or is she cooking something else up

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  12. Well if she’s just posting these shots now, I imagine we’ll see whatever it is in 9–18 months.
  13. oh my god not TOKISCHAAAAA

    Literally my fave new artist the past two years WEEEE
  14. Let’s just hope it’s not for a new Frozen remix.
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  15. Okay so I realized that I've had several of her albums on vinyl (the four 80s albums, as well as Ray Of Light and Confessions) on vinyl for a couple of years and haven't actually listened to them yet, so I've put on her debut and ugh it sounds sooooooo good! Classic after classic, truly.
  16. And dancing in those silver platforms, looks like her movement is coming back to her!
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  17. The way I've been exclusively blasting Tokischa since I got to Spain. Release it!
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  18. Mom seems to be recording or rehearsing something for her Pride gig - love this pic:

  19. The way she’s mentioned or had Inner City playing so many times lately. Please be inspired, mutha.
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