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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Not me skimming this thread and thinking she had performed with Carlos Santana.
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  2. Oh my god, same.
  3. It's 2022 hennies
  4. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I am beyond happy she’s finally treating the discography with respect. The remastering is sooooo good!!
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  5. pdf


    i really wish i had ordered the 6 LP special. is it sold out everywhere?
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  6. I kinda wish this was the remix they used for Give It 2 Me. Sly & Robbie are legendary and it would've been a nice change of pace

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  7. This new collection is so intense and fabulous. And the Pride show was amazing great. So ready for her proving all the haters wrong once again.
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  8. Full Celebration performance

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  9. Maybe I am a bad fan but I did not know the Music remix from Finally Enough Love before.

    I will not be able to live without anymore. It is massive.
  10. She's right and she should say it.
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  11. I’ve just had the chance to listen to the remix album and I’m actually not a big fan of the remastering. I’m listening on Airpods Max which in my opinion have fantastic sound, and the bass is far too heavy for these tracks, and the volume too loud I think. The tracks have just been ‘brickwalled’. They sounded better when listening to them using regular speakers, but the bass is ridiculously heavy on headphones. It’s great that they’ve all been brought up to the same volume and sound very ‘punchy’ and loud, but it’s a bit clumsy.
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  12. No because Tokischa wanted to **** her.
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  13. That is because this isn't really remastered, it's just compressed, boosted and (really) louder. One could do that on Audacity for free.
    It works for streaming, I guess. I just wonder how the vinyl will sound...
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  14. This actually gave me goosebumps. Santana, Violet, Ganj (!), Jose (!!!). Bob looking over to David at the end. Whew.
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  15. Britney showing some Madge Love (?).

    I cackled at "Did you know she has almost as many #1s as The Beatles?? they have 20 and she has 12" like yas queen give that Stan Stats we love ddd.
  16. On iTunes it says the Deluxe version will be released on 19th of August so I imagine it will appear on streaming then too.
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  17. There is a promo radio edit of it though. And it's familiar to most people because of the Britney/Christina MTV performance. I don't mind the mix they've included, but for me that swap would have made it perfect.
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  18. It’s true there’s radio but it’s not that different from the already released “live” version on I’m Going To Tell You A Secret and the live performance was already released on Remixed And Revisited. She probably wanted another mix for that reason.
  19. That’s not really true. Yes volume is up but there’s clarity that was missing from the original.
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