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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I think they could’ve have brought the clarity without cranking up the volume to nth degree and brickwalking earlier stuff that was much dynamic originally, but that’s probably what she wanted anyway
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  2. Again the earlier stuff was quieter than the recent stuff, so they needed to turn up the volume. I have really no issues with it, it sounds great.
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  3. You're probably right. And having listened again to the Calderone & Quayle mix, I have changed my mind
    and now endorse its inclusion.

    I feel seen.
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  4. It's funny talking about the earlier tracks not being as dynamic.

    I can pick out lots of extra elements I couldn't before - they seem much more distinct to me but I'm no audio expert. I just like what I hear.
  5. Oops!
  6. I have Never heard the Like a Prayer mix! I love it
  7. It is a bit of a cold opening for a Track 1, I wonder if they'd have been better off keeping Into the Groove ahead of it. But the 7" edit of Holiday opening the 50 track edition will be worse unless they reinstate the intro.

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  8. Despite the abrupt start Everybody does sound amazing.
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  9. Still obsessing

    Also the new production using the chord progression from “Holiday”? Her mind…
  10. I actually love how it just goes from 0 to 100 from the get go. The remastered bass kicks serious ass.
  11. They need to shoot a video for this and release it on streaming yesterday.

    She's giving me Gwen cheerleader Hollerback Girl vibes with her vocal delivery and I'm here for it.
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  12. This video of Celebration is fantastic and I find it so cute how she's absolutely in love with Bob the Drag Queen, plus Jose showing up and having a little Vogue moment is so nice.

  13. Yep, basically this.
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  14. Stoner Saturday is about vibes with Finally Enough Love - currently shocked at how current and fresh the Deep Dish mix of Music sounds. She really is one of those artists who’s remix discography sits on its own alongside her studio mixes. I wont ever be able to stop stanning this heavenly Woman.
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  15. It's perfection. Truly one of her all time best all round.
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  16. Finally Enough Love made me realize how Madonna has ALWAYS been a fan of remixing her work.

    Maybe she understands the remixes as a continuous evolution of her creative process as she very often ends up adopting these remixes as the "official" versions of the songs and performs them instead of the album versions on the related tours and live performances (Into The Groove, Causing A Commotion, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, Bedtime Story, Hollywood, Give It 2 Me, Living For Love, Crave etc...)
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  17. Really boring bit of backend admin talk here, but I just had a peek at the metadata for the album, and saw that the ISRC codes for most of the remastered tracks were raised/allocated by Rhino/Warner last year, so the label seems to have had the product(s) in the works for longer than I would have thought. ISRC allocation is one of the last things that happens in the supply chain process, normally.

    The exceptions (from this 1-disc set) are Everybody and Hollywood, which were allocated in 2022. Generally this would indicate that tracks are a late addition to a project.

    (The Universal tracks just use their original ISRCs from their initial release years, UMG don't tend to allocate a new code every time something is remastered, just look at the Abba catalogue.)

    TL,DR - album's been on the cards for yonks, possibly even got delayed a bit, and two of the songs might not have originally been on it.
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  18. I remember back in’t day of being an M stan, finding out about the remixes of her big first singles was always so exciting. Confessions especially was such a golden era for truly iconic remixes. The Paper Faces mix of Let It Will Be remains one of my favourite Madonna moments, it’s just bursting with her energy and having played it loads in sets in da club, it sounds so individual and energetic and weirdly always pops with the gays.
  19. Material Girl isn't really a remix, it's...a different song?
  20. Same energy.

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