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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. From footage of the after party, it looks like the place was decorated with blown up posters of the single covers. It's fun (and still a little surreal) to see Madonna acknowledge her back catalogue like this.

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  2. nn and I would have been snatching every single one off the walls.
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  3. The whole place was Madonna themed

    619579BB-7E4C-479B-A1CF-76FFC3D10A2A.jpeg D711E3AF-B75D-45A2-A377-830A48E0EBA1.jpeg 0C5C3865-CEEB-41F4-B929-D4FD4DF466B6.jpeg F807C0AA-9C32-4265-87A8-1BE788DF2581.jpeg 339660C3-2300-4DC4-B970-B40054452351.jpeg 3D4433A7-0A43-46DF-AB74-E1657004A4CF.png A0A55AA1-A07B-4934-A2E9-4DEE96905A81.jpeg

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  4. What I would give for almost any of those neon signs but especially the True Blue one
  5. I hope we get the new remixes/edits of the older songs on streaming services soon. Material Girl sounded amazing!
  6. Not really an obscure one, since it’s official but promo-only, but I always felt this was the best remix of the whole Rebel Heart era

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  7. $590
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  8. 100% this.

    I had that remix posted in “of its time” but it sounds so fresh on this.
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  9. I always thought this was a good one:

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  10. I listened to the entire Finally Enough Love during a flight yesterday. It was the perfect duration for the flight too! I loved it - it was like a greatest hits where I knew every song but the different mixes gave it a fresh twist for me. Secret was a highlight as it totally changed it to a club banger.
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  11. Mum went viral!
  12. Oh Lorde, the memories of this.
  13. But where is it from??
  14. I'm having a Madonna weekend, just caught up with the Celebration video from Thursday. It's so good to see her doing what she does best again, she clearly put a lot of work into it and executed it with so much energy and vitality. Seeing her go from performing in agony during Madame X, to nervous performances at award shows, to dancing, having fun, and being carefree at NYC Pride. Woman!
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  15. Let It Will Be remix is funky! Reminds me of stuff M.I.A. was doing around the same time (which just goes to show how Madonna has always one eye on the current thing and another on the next)
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  16. This 'selections from' approach is a great appetiser for the smorgasbord of brilliance to come and as many have said spotlights how ahead of their time and still fresh sounding now many of her remixes were. It's no accident that this woman has ruled the dancefloor for forty years (and counting).

    Finally Enough Love deserves to be her 13th UK #1 album.
  17. But why aren’t the Justify My Love and Music era ones available??
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