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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Loving the remixes on the new compilation, praying the deluxe gets uploaded to streaming when it's released because I need moar!! More specifically the single mix of Keep It Together.
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  3. I watched Desperately Seeking Susan for the first time today. I've been a fan for ages, so I don't know what took me so long. It's a total delight and perfectly captures the grimy NYC milieu that Madonna emerged in, as well as her massive charisma and charm. I love that Rosanna Arquette's character becomes so fixated on M's persona that she spontaneously decides to adopt her whole identity. Relatable, really.
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  4. I'm listening to the remix album now and... I guess I should have paid closer attention when the album was announced, because I thought it would be a bit more interesting. I've never really explored Madonna's remixes, so I was expecting to discover some cool reintrepretations of these songs, but aside from a few gems, it's mostly just a bunch of radio edits/single versions and generic club mixes.
  5. She looks absolutely incredible. Like my godddddddd
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  6. I adore this image on the bed but they're all excellent

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  7. Well, yes, pretty sure these were the versions of the tracks that helped the songs go number one on the dance charts at the time. I think it's actually a pretty good way to trace how dance music has progressed over the last 40 years or so. I guess it's seen as "generic" now, but it certainly wasn't the case back then.
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  8. When is Miss Lourdes coming for the Pop crown?
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  9. Mr.Arroz

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    The Keith Haring stuff will always hit hard cos they directly fund my position as an HIV/harm reduction case worker. It's so beautiful to see how much his work has come to prevalence throughout the city. I got to meet the board president not long ago and it was super surreal


    He was super sweet

  10. It's a great time capsule. Not all have stood the test of time but the Music Deep Dish remix is still so good.
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  11. I believe David will snatch that Crown!
  12. Lola doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing music at the moment, though she has said never say never, and that she’d probably do something along the lines of Shygirl and Eartheater if she did venture into that realm (which… give it to me now).
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  13. I never used to be a fan of club remixes, but over the years I’ve really grown to like them, and these remixes are just so fun and a different way of experiencing Madonna’s back catalogue, it’s so nice to have them in one package, I’m looking forward to the relentless 50 track edition.
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  14. Still so mad at the deluxe cover dd
  15. I love the remixes for the way the tracks aren’t completely unrecognisable- there are new things to discover whilst also retaining the charm and impact of the originals.
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  16. The only real miss here is Living For Love - are her vocals even on it?
  17. It’s the full unreleased vocal remix.
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