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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I am just so bummed that Gimme All Your Luvin is the LMFAO mix rather than the MDNA Tour Promo mix...
  2. Pitchfork does Madonna dirty with every review. Her music is well regarded by most music critics. But it seems she cannot win with them. The review itself is full of backhanded compliments and outright insults.
  3. Why are they even reviewing this version anyway? Surely the full release will give a better picture of what this project is. I get that the staggered release is weird, but reviewing it now just feels premature.
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  4. I don’t think the P4K review is actually all that bad? Even if I disagree with the majority of it. Like, I wouldn’t say she was releasing remixes later in her career just to check a box off. She’s clearly been invested in reinventing her songs from the beginning. Seems like the writer is at least a fan of her work this time (the same can’t be said about that horrific hit piece P4K did on Madame X).

    I do personally prefer club mixes as well, but I also understand why they wouldn’t such a thing for a compilation like this. It wouldn’t be feasible when it came to physical copies for one. And also, ain’t nobody got time for that. But, yeah, it could be a lot worse.
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  5. Probably because people click and share their Madonna reviews. It's clickbait and people fall for it.
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  6. I’m surprised they even reviewed it because a lot of publications don’t review compilations of previously released material, only new studio albums.
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  8. Maybe if they did their proper research and note that it was Shep Pettibone who created the mix for You Can Dance.
  9. That dog metaphor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  10. Ok, my first thought when I read this part was... is @mindtrappa freelancing for P4K!?

    As someone who never listens to edits I actually kind of appreciate this collection because they were pretty much all new to me, but I do think there should at least be a streaming version with club mixes? Why not?
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  11. Yeah, I would enjoy a streaming version with the unedited versions although all 50 mixes would probably take like 10 hours to get through. If anything though, the compilation has made me dive into her remixography and rediscover the ones that are not featured on it. Currently listening to the Kruder & Dorfmeister remix of Nothing Really Matters and it's pure bliss. I understand this collection is a love letter to clubs but some of her chillout/downtempo remixes are masterpieces. The Groove Armada remix of Music? *chef's kiss*
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  12. Some of the full club remixes are already on steaming, the rest will arrive with the new digital eps and deluxe editions.
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  13. I like the Edits for a full listening, but it would be cool to have a Non-Stop version with the club versions. Who knows.

    Pitchfork really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for attention sometimes.
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  14. Still thinking about Tokischa licking Madonna's crotch in front of that Marilyn Minter video. Lesbian excellence!
  15. Need La Isla Bonita ft Tokischa, Linda ft Madonna and La Combi Versace ft Madonna
  16. I imagine at some point there will be extended mixes sets for us to stream and physical purchase.

    And to destroy our wallets.
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  17. Is she going to drop the new “Material Girl” and “Hung Up” mixes or nah? Where are the Israeli hackers when we need them?
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  18. Yes, yes & yes! Especially La Combi...

    Ok, I cannot believe that Junior Vasquez is...75 years old. I'm glad that he's represented with the Secret remix. The next logical step is an If Madonna Calls rerelease with some new vocals. They were such a legendary pairing, and his offence doesn't even seem that grave in retrospect--I would love it if the two of them got one more chapter.
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  19. Does this collection have a shot at charting well?
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