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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. His remixes are so emblematic of the Bedtime Stories era. It's a shame he didn't get to work on Human Nature/I Want You like they had planned but his Secret/Bedtime Story remixes are stone cold classics.
  2. He’s also represented with the Bedtime Story remix!
  3. One last barrier for her to break down- a good review from PF?
  4. Hello Junior. This is Madonna. Call me in Miami.
    This is Madonna. This is Madonna. This is Madonna.

    *beat drops*

  5. I was really skeptical of it but the 16-tracker Finally Enough Love satisfied me in ways I could never expect.

    From the DANCE AND SING GET UP AND DO YOUR THING intro to the FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE curtain call on I Don't Search I Find, this really plays out like a fantastic career-spanning compilation without the need to necessarily showcase the "greatest hits" but, instead, piecing together a cool flow of alternative mixes – ranging everything from the really popular single and tour versions to more obscure mixes – that seem to weirdly blend on one another too well even if they were never intended to be sequenced like this.

    It's clear a lot of thinking went behind shrinking the 50-tracker into this compilation but the result is stellar. I'm certainly curious to hear some remixes on the complete album but I think I will be coming back to this one more.
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  6. I've enjoyed the abridged version for what it is but I still feel like the full edition will provide a much clearer picture.
  7. A lil offtopic but


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  8. Release the remix Mama !
  9. I'd be ALL FOR a mini era of M revisiting her old material and properly reinventing them as she has done with Material Girl. If she isn't cooking that up already, she should be.
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  10. I wish the b-roll for the Human Nature music video would leak.
  11. The single edit of this is sublime. So isn’t on streaming, obviously. That, along with the extended Luscious Club Mix and the b-side Let Down Your Guard were all commercially released (outside the US) are all are missing in action from the digital maxis. Fingers crossed they emerge later on in the reissue programme.
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  12. Love her

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  13. An Instagram account I follow posted a clip earlier today of Madonna answering press questions while promoting Body of Evidence back in 1993. Nothing negative. I was scrolling through the comments and noticed Elton's lesser half randomly posted the comment below. It wasn't until the 2012 Golden Globes that I realized he probably is the reason for the breakdown of Elton and Madonna's friendship. Based on his red carpet behaviour he seems like he'd wind Elton up instead of talking him down. Anyway, just thought I'd mention this in case there's another round of apologies in this one-sided feud.
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  14. Hold on Greg, let me just say this Greg. @Davidfurnish This is what you need to do. You need to stay out of women's business. You are causing problems, you are the only husband, boyfriend, fiancée that gets involved in women's business. You need to roll with these fellas and not try to roll with the women, you stop trying to be a damn bitch.
  15. There are people who hurl such nastiness in her direction and no one *out there* ever wants to acknowledge how messed up a lot of it is, and she's expected to sit there and take it silently. Because Elton can say whatever he wants, Cher was granted license to kill years ago, Mariah is "yassss qUeEn Of ShAdE" and so on. But if Madonna goes there, it's like "wow why is she such a bitter c**t?"

    My working theory is that Madonna hits people on a level that forces them to take her seriously whether they want to or not. And when someone has the power to get that under your skin, you grasp at any means with which you can cut them down to size.
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  16. Has Madonna ever re-recorded vocals for remixes?
  17. Specifically for remixes? I don't think so outside of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". There are various mixes that use unreleased vocals from the original sessions, though.
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  18. Because being the biggest pop star of all time means Madonna is not seen as an underdog, whereas everyone else you've listed is to some degree. She's never been arrested, struggled publicly with her mental health, or been in any meaningful scandal surrounding her personal life. She's outlasted the majority of her peers, and that bothers people. It really does come down to what she herself said: "the most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around"
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  19. Can you even imagine Madonna having the time to be such a hating ass bitch online?
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