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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It's pretty clear to me that Madonna haters know deep down in their hearts she's amazing and are struggling to come to terms with it. You can tell because they'll act like she sucks but then expect her artistic output to be perfect in a way that they expect nobody else's output to be.
  2. Weirdly enough, I don't think I would particularly like Madonna if I knew her in real life. People with her personality type make me really uncomfortable. But her power as an artist and cultural force are just so aware-inspiring to experience that it doesn't matter.

    I think about this all the time.
  3. I really believe the whole "Don't meet your heroes" thing, but I do think Madonna is someone pretty fascinating. Her knowledge on Cinema... she could shred my diploma.
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  4. She would chew me out nn.
  5. @DinahLee. Absolutely. Madonna is one of the most fascinating people in all of history and I find myself wishing I can tap into whatever the hell she has inside of her. But I suspect I would I find her to be a bit unkind and insensitive and those qualities instantly have me running for the hills whenever I see them in people.
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  6. Madonna is very much an alpha who bulldozes everything and everyone in her path. As I am a ~sensitive soul who is generally shy and a little awkward, I imagine I would feel uncomfortable if I were to meet her. But that sort of "sucks all the air out of the room" energy is necessary if you are to become a superstar.
  7. Whilst bitter people like David Furnish are posting hateful comments Madonna is out there trying to lift people up

  8. Yes for Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and Buenos Aires. Different vocal takes were used for other remixes (Goodbye To Innocence for a Fever remix, spoken version of Die Another Day, unreleased.vocals for Orbit Ray Of Light remix etc).
  9. David Furnish is of the generation of gay men who thought it was acceptable and normal to speak to women like they were his inferiors. Riding the coat tails of Elton, making sure his wigs are styled, whilst Madonna trailblazes on alone, tit in hand. Bitter boys remain bitter.
  10. It's a very telling thing when people feel the need to tear other people down in order to feel good about themselves.. especially unprovoked on a very public medium..
  11. This is a small instance, but it does remind me of how certain fans like to peddle this narrative that Madonna isn’t supportive of younger artists, even though she’s so obviously into what’s happening in music right now and clearly wants to be a mentor/friend to these people navigating the industry for the first time
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  12. This tea though. From what I've read, David Furnish seems kind of awful.
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  13. Who has a great Madonna playlist they want to share? The remix album put me in the mood for all things Madge right now.
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  14. If Madonna dragged me, I would say thank you.
  15. The abridged Finally Enough Love is actually a lot of fun. Feels like a love letter to the clubs over the ages, so I’m excited for the full set. Although the last few mixes can be…exhausting to say the least nn.

    Hope they finish with the remix EPs after this. I want everything. And I want to finish my downtempo/atmospheric/moodyDonna remix compilation.
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  16. The ones who hate her for sport all have one thing in common: they have to live with who they've become because they lacked her self-discipline and self-control and I'm sure that stings. Rather transparent, wouldn't you say?

    And a lot of the people that can't see her for who she is because she was never the type to explicitly reveal her struggles, etc only end up revealing how shallow they are. What she didn't hide is the fighting spirit.mp3 and the work that she put in to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Her lifelong dedication to fitness, which is always perceived as something that was only done for endurance and aesthetic reasons, to me always signaled that it was a necessity because the alternative is...hell. Sure there were moments (years) when she was maybe hitting us over the head and being too preachy, but generally, she's always known that the best teachers lead by example, and the way that's solidified in her attitude now feels nothing less than triumphant-still urgent but also at peace with itself.
  17. Very this! She has arrived, AGAIN!
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  18. David also willingly sleeps with Elton so I mean…I don’t really care what he has to say.

    Madonna probably isn’t the most warm and friendly person. And that’s fine! She wouldn’t have gotten to the position she’s in if she were. And I honestly doubt she’s even that bad, really. Power intimidates people. And lord knows that woman has power. The last time I saw her live I remember being in awe that such a small woman radiates such intense power through every pore. She has it.
  19. I feel like Madonna is probably super sweet these days actually dd. She just doesn’t take anyone’s BS.
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  20. Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac
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