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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. But isn’t meeting fans different from meeting journalists who can be judgmental?
    I think with celebrities it’s hard to tell what they are really like from how they are portrayed in the media which can distort things.
    I have never found her purposely cruel. She has a biting sense of humor which some people take the wrong way.
    Who treats other people perfectly all the time?
    I would be way meaner than her if people were constantly saying and writing all the harsh things about me that she gets.
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  2. She's been pretty rude about fans too nn like I don't really care about old quotes in 2022, but some of you are dishonest just for the sake of devil's advocacy/pedantry.

    “It’s always fat people too,” she says. “They are the most unattractive social outcasts, like really overweight girls or guys with lots of acne that follow me around and pester me. It’s frightening because not only are they bothering me, but they’re horrible to look at too.”

    Anyway, most of these takes are pretty much spot on. I'm more than fine with her being larger than life, and she is a caring person at her core based on most her actions/efforts over the years.
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  3. Where and when did she say it? Fans with acne? Madonna fans with acne? Are you sure it’s Harry Styles or BTS? We’re a bit too old for acne
  4. No, it’s not people taking it the ‘wrong way’. She said some really strange things during the pandemic. But no one can be perfect.
  5. I clearly said it was an old quote. It's from a 1991 interview.

    Again, don't care, but like... be real for one second.
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  6. I find the anecdotes of M being mean or persecuting fans (or in that case, being persecuted by overweight and ugly stans) over the years low key hilarious.

    Then there’s also of her earliest memories being pushing a two year old baby down to the ground dd:
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  7. Thank god it wasn't a hydrangea, she would have murdered her.
  8. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t find her fatphobia and abuse of fans hilarious, but I do, because it’s to a point where some of the quotes are like some copypasta story you’d find on Twitter. Except it’s actually real.

    All I can think of is

    Edit: and of course how could I forget

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  9. Honestly, whether it's off-the-cuff or curated, I find Madonna's occasional cutting bitchery over the years far more interesting and exciting than today's "stars" who can't go to the bathroom without running it past half a dozen focus groups to see if the bathroom is organic enough and self-care enough and ReLaTaBlE enough.
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  10. I have never heard this story, holy shit. I can’t breathe.
  11. Yeah I’m a huge fan of Madonna’s more bitchy moments. Woman birthed the entire universe. She has the right to be rude if she wants to.
  12. No she doesn’t.
  13. Since Beyonce revealed her new album cover, I was thinking about Madonna's.
    I still can't at her for putting her name on her eyebrows on Madame X cover. It is so weirdly placed and amateurishly executed. It is a crime against graphic design.
    Besides that, everything else is perfect on that cover.
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  14. The Madame X cover is perfect. And even better with the connection it now has with Finally Enough Love's cover.
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    I still use this but do love the two other covers


    She really knocked that entire era out of the park.
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  16. She just posted a video of her children dancing to the new Material Girl Remix. It sounds sooooo good!
  17. Drop it now mom!

  18. LTG


    “Somethings cooking in the kitchen”

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  19. I'll scream if she actually drops another remix album with current reworkings dd
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  20. Drop it NOW I’m BEGGING
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