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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It's really interesting watching that video in 2022.

    I remember watching it when it premiered and some stations blurring the gay kiss (literally a peck on the lips) - how times have changed.

    There's something very care free about Madonna during this era (Ray of Light, Beautiful Stranger, Next Best Thing) that's pleasant to see (as much as I love full on glam Madonna).

    Yes the song is a bit cheesy but her vocals are top notch and Orbit's production is great. Makes me feel very nostalgic.
  2. I'm surprised she never sang American Pie during the Drowned World Tour. I figured it would have worked during the cowboy section. It would have been a great sing-along moment.

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  3. I assume you mean "American Pie" but it's funny imagining this
  4. Oops - that's what I meant.

    It's Monday morning here... I haven't fully woken up yet.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her version of American Pie has always been gorgeous to me.
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  6. Controversial maybe I just find her version to be the definitive one, it has the melancholy production vibe that I love and Time Stood Still equally go together perfect! Less said about the movie though.
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  7. And the Richard Vission remix is a classic for me. Used to play it during DJ sets all the time.
  8. I’m still bitter the 12” single doesn’t include the vocal mix, glad it’s being included on the 50 track edition of Finally Enough Love.
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  9. American Pie is a vital part of the Madonna journey for me. Crystal clear memories of it playing on the radio all the time in the car on long (to me) trips to the shops with my mum, right around the time I discovered M properly through the Beautiful Stranger video. That little mini era post Ray of Light but pre Music still feels so cool to me.
  10. It's bizarre to me watching that video and feeling like both the visuals and the song have aged so well. At the time I didn't mind it but it felt... reductive (dd). I also felt like the production was so cheesy and bubblegum and cheap... but now it feels sort of dreamy and hopeful and optimistic. Perhaps that says more about the parlous state of the world than about the song though haha. Also there is something about the way she moves her body in that era that is so specific to that time...and I like it.
  11. I really enjoy this remix from years ago, also. It's got such a dramatic, icy vibe. Such a shame it missed the label deadline to be officially included with the single release.

    And with all this "American Pie" talk, L'Tric recently released a remix of Don's original.
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  12. The way I’d settle for the fixed camera footage of this performance

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  13. Suddenly and randomly amused by "Live to Tell (Instrumental)" on the Club Mix EP of True Blue.
  14. It was rather random to use that in the first place, an instrumental of a ballad on there.
  15. That’s because the Japanese EPs were basically a collection of the tracks released on singles in the rest of the world. Live To Tell was release on cassette and 7” in japan but not on 12”.

    The third compilation cd comes in 1986 and is called Super Club Mix. It contains remixes of the singles off the True Blue album released so far (Live To Tell Instrumental, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue) and a Dub Version and Extended Version of Madonna's first single Everybody.

    The fourth compilation of remixes on cd is called La Isla Bonita Super Mix and along the Extended and Instrumental version of the title track, the extended version of Open Your Heart, it also contains Gambler and Crazy For You from the film Vision Quest for the first time published on a Sire/Warner compilation.
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  16. Also I don’t think Club is used in the “going clubbing” sense but more in the “collection” one.
  17. Prince also did this back then. I have a couple and they do a good job tidying everything up in one place.
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  18. Yes. Probably a Warner thing!
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  19. She’s a great mum in supporting her kids. But David’s music career will go the same way as his football phase.
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