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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Well, that's pretty bloody good then.

    Both the 'Madonna in chains' and the 'Madonna in sunglasses with a projection that looks a bit scratchy over her' (precise technical descriptions, those) images are properly brilliant.

    I don't understand this 'too gay' stuff at all. At All.

    The men in heels dancing seems like a logical extension of that dancer in the Justify My Love video to me - and it might be a tad obvious, but it's probably necessary in a song called Girl Gone Wild.
  2. Ray


    Cigarettes and ripped homosexuals. What an edgy and dangerous life you lead, Madonna.

    Or not.

  3. It's really really gay. Like Ultra Nate gay.
  4. It's like a more boring and tame Alejandro video and that wasn't such an exciting video to begin with.
  5. The video is classic Madonna. Nice Vogue references. No boundaries broken but a reminder of why she is loved in the first place.
  7. Alejandro was basically Vogue meets Like A Prayer but not done well so..
    The imagery in this one is definitely stunning, so are her looks.
  8. She looks incredible, Kazaky look incredible, the models look incredible, the whole thing is incredibly boring. I really can't understand how someone can enjoy something that Madonna has done and re-done a thousand times. Dancing and writhing in b/w provocatively surrounded by hot guys?
    She looks stunning, though, but she should tone down her "Look at me, I'm so sexy and dangerous" attitude. We know you are, there's no need to repeat it all the time.
  9. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    It could have done with more women I think. Is she trying to win her gays back?
  10. I love it!! Love the Sex hair and hoop ear rings that was my favourite look of hers!

    Just about everyone (Kylie, Christina, pretty sure Madonna already did) has done men in tights and heels before gaga so whatever. Love the 'forgive me' bit as well.

    She has looked amazing in these videos, like something out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  11. Yes Alejandro borrows a lot from Vogue and then this video is a watered down version of that. This has to be one of her most uninspired videos.
  12. You've not paid much attention to most of her videos since 2003, have you?
  13. I think its her best video since the Confessions era. I am trying not to overthink it, but it's like she's throwing shade at Alejandro for referencing Madonna, by essentially referencing herself. I see elements of Human Nature, Vogue, Erotica, Justify. I think it leads on from the Superbowl - "Remember who the Queen is.." type of thing, yet very modern and hip. And it's also a big - "Lady Gaga, I am taking my gays back" type of thing".

    And most importantly it's fun.

    Between this and the video for Luvvin, I am pretty pleased. Particularly if you compare it to such videos as Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, Celebration, Get Together and Jump, where she really phoned it in.

    Love it. Welcome back, Madonna.
  14. Loved the song before but it's even better now listening to it and seeing the video imagery in my head.
  15. is that kazaky in the video?
  16. Alejandro also had imagery that has Express Yourself and The Beast Within references.
  17. The most exciting thing about this (very good) video is imagining how good the video for the next single is going to be - because every single song on the album is much better than Give Me All Your Luvin and Girl Gone Wild.
  18. She better do that choreography on tour. Wish I was going ahhhh.
  19. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Of course she will!
    And I want this to be the closing number, it will be insane!
    Haters gonna hate, etc.
  20. I see this more as the opening number actually.
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