Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

I think I have battered myself with it into submission. Listened to it about 20 times now and whilst i will never love this song i quite like it now for the trashy piece of fluff it is. I find myself singing it out loud every now and again.

There is some potential hidden in the song too just think for a Madonna song it's production is pretty weak. But I bet it is a killer live!
I just listened to this song and then heard What It Feels Like For a Girl.

The can a remix created nearly a decade ago (?) be so much better and current than a song released one week ago. It's much more urgent, danceable, and just brilliant.


Don't ask me why, but I actually really like the song. I know it's got a weak production and is far from being a masterpiece, but I do enjoy it for what it is.

And I've been listening to Confessions so much lately, such an epic album.

graffiti my soul

She seems obsessed with the Get Together sound. This is like GT cutoff #3.


Did they ever continue the Sorry music video? They should do with this. Imagine it... from the end of Sorry, she falls onto her knees and does the prayer and then you see nuns going batshit crazy over 808 drums. It would be nice.
Either iTunes will only put this up for sale at a random day and yet still list its release date as the first of March when this happens (they can have the annoying tendency of doing that sometimes), or either the whole of Europe is getting Masterpiece over Girl Gone Wild.