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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. WOW... this is such a great fan-made video... I feel like we don't even need another video. The editing is near perfect and seeing some of those iconic tour and video moments still gives me chills... my favorite part was the middle 8 where the confessions cross rises, and then "forgive me" from Sorry! so perfect.
  2. THIS. I honestly feel that with better production, this song could have been brilliant. Here's to hoping a great remix surfaces soon (the Justin Congnito remix is a good, but not great).
  4. This should be the single mix. Much better.
  5. So, I wonder when we'll be seeing the video......?
  6. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    The remix sounds more polished, but it lacks a stronger beat the album version has.
    And the production is too David Guetta-ish.
    I secretly wish Paul Oakenfold produced the song, no Celebration/Broken/It's So Cool, but more like the "A Lively Mind" sound. It would be truly amazing.
  7. Imagine instead of Sorry it's a continuation of the What It Feels Like For A Girl music video.
    That's what I'd love if it has to be a sequel to one of her music videos.

    After the car crash we find her in an all black room with a small spotlight on her, praying on the floor / talking the intro but we don't see her face yet. Suddenly it the lights turn red and we see two nuns on the side that take her hands and make her follow them. The beat kicks in, colourful light effects start. We see her face as she turns around when she whispers "it's so hypnotic...". The nuns drop their clothes and go completely wild, making out. Suddenly it's all a giant dance floor. She goes into the next room when she says "you got me in the zone" that looks like a maze made out of mirrors and lights. The second the middle eight starts we find her in dark a room with holograms that portray religious images. At the end we see her and the old lady from the What It Feels Like For A Girl music video that comes out of a different room. They look at each other and smile. As they open a final giant gate together, the video turns all white ending with "like a girl gone wild...".
  8. All this talk of nuns is making me imagine the sisters at my local convent going wild and making out with each other which is frankly disturbing considering not one of them is under 60.
  9. Ray


    Not so different from Madge then.
  10. The lost plot for Sister Act 3?
  11. The "hey-ey-ey" bit of this keeps reminding me of "This Is What Rock n Roll Looks Like" by Porcelain Black.
  12. I've just listened to the clip on US itunes - this song is perfectly fine - I don't get all the flack it's getting - I was expecting some kind of awful mess but it's basically Celebration V.2 and I LOVE Celebration V.1

    So far so good in my book, cannot wait for the album.
  13. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    OOh it sounds amazing in HQ.
  14. Even though it's Benny Benassi feat. Generic Female,

    I love this song. Ugh.
  15. If there won't be a single nun in this video I'll be disappointed a bit. What other religious aspects would make sense anyways instead of some nuns going wild?
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    If she really wants to stir it up, she should open it in a church where Madonna is praying as a nun and then when the beat starts, the stained glass windows start pumping and the church turns into a dancefloor and then ends with all the nuns swiftly putting their cloaks over their bikini beach bodies in time for mass.
  17. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Maybe it's a bunch of sexually ambiguous back-up dancers dressed as nuns.
  18. There should be a stained glass dancefloor that's a picture of the Virgin Mary. That might be too much though.
  19. Oh - and a wet t-shirt contest using holy water!
  20. They should release that fan-made video with the intro attached and be done with it. It's fantastic, as is the mix accompanying it.
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