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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. It does sound better loud and some of the melodies are growing on me but it still feels very sub par.
  2. While I always use this excuse too, let's be honest and admit this is just an excuse, really. Good songs always sound good, even through shitty speakers.
  3. True, it can be a bit of a cop out but I never said the song all of a sudden became great, it merely sounds better and has elevated the songs for me from my original opinion.
  4. I assume the similarities between this and Get Together have already been discussed?

    And what the synth-fart at the beginning of the 2nd verses' bridge? Just noticed it.
  5. Ray


    Does this song contain any sound from an 808 drum machine? I would say it doesn't, which renders the lyric even more pointless.
  6. I doubt it as I can't possibly imagine anyone else hearing any similarities. Where exactly?
    Turn Up The Radio is supposedly similar to Get Together though but not this single.

  7. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I've never cared about fan-made videos before, but the one posted really stands out.

    Here it is the "new" HQ version:

    I know she didn't write the song (probably only the intro and the middle-eight), but it fits her persona incredibly well.
    There's something about these generic, faceless, reductive lyrics that makes this song 100% Madonna.
    It's funny I had a sort of meltdown when the news she recorded a song called "Girls Gone Wild" came out. I should have known better.
  8. That was my initial reaction as well.
  9. I did too

    That video is so amazing. It makes me emotional about Madonna watching that. She has always been a Girl Gone Wild
  10. Isn't the kick drum an 808?

    That video is really nothing special. Maybe it's just because I'm a """recent""" Madonna fan.
  11. It's the fact the clips span a near 30 year career ... so little is used but enough to make you think, woah I remember that.
  12. I'm a pretty recent Madonna fan and I think that video is brilliant, she really does stand for everything that's brilliant about music.
  13. THIS.

    I love everything about this.

    And, for the record, I love everything about Girl Gone Wild. It's instantly catchy and exciting, and the fact that it is Madonna singing about clubbing and sex on the dance floor is at once cool, embarrassing, exciting, demeaning, sexy, gross, fierce and funny. it's EVERYTHING.

    of course it is. it's MADONNA.

  14. I actually quite like the song but whenever I sing it in my head, I end up singing Celebration.
  15. Ray


    If anything, it's a 909.
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I just remembered... This is 'ironic'
  17. I deeply regret to inform everyone that the amazing video featuring the cat, the donkey, and the tiara and unitard-clad beauty is a apparently an actual music video: click

    That said, while I appreciate the alternate dimension dating show-esque music-in-space aspect, the video works so much better with 'Girl Gone Wild'.

    The only thing with a number she should really be concerned with is Quality Control 101.
  18. ROC


    Does anyone know why there has been no clear cut news on what the UK/EU single actually is? It seems odd that they wouldn't release Girl Gone Wild when it is the opening track on the album, and seems to be more to the taste of the under 25s than Masterpiece (though I think Masterpiece is a better track, that hardly matters).

    I can't understand why the campaign is such a mess - aside from Superbowl, it seems like there is a disconnect somewhere either between Interscope and Madonna. I want this to be a number 1 UK record for her, but if there's no single aside from Give Me All Your Luvin' it's going to be difficult, that single has felt like a non-event here.
  19. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Maybe they are waiting to release it when the album is out or they will release it worldwide when the video is ready.
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