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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Feb 19, 2012.

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    No one cares.
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    Er... this is a Madonna thread. (Besides, the rudest thing Amerie did was add an unnecessary extra 'i' to her name.)

    Oh, there we go.
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    After a quick use of the search function, I nominate Nova19 as "Member Most Likely to Have the Most Random Ameri(i)e Breakdowns in Unrelated Threads".

    But I don't mean to diss him on the internet. (My momma taught me bettah den dat.)


    I listened to the clip again. I really wish I hadn't. I feel more and more crushed when I do. Madonna, why must you sound so tired and disinterested now? Do you need an iron supplement?
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    Yes and no. None of us here really know MDNA's recording process. We can really only judge what we've heard thus far. We have no idea of what's to come, or how much work Madonna put into this album.

    Well she hasn't exactly had the opportunity to sit and talk about the album, now has she? The little we know has come off interviews for WE, or brief press conferences for winning awards/her upcoming performances.

    I'd be genuinely interested in hearing what people would have liked for the album, but I'm afraid I'd get answers like, "(Insert previous Madonna album here) Pt. 2," "For her to work with Patrick Leonard again," and/or "Not another Hard Candy."

    Madonna just can't win, can she?
  6. LJB


    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Kylie is the precedent to which ALL early-80s artists should be trying to live up to. All of her recent albums have been individual, yet distinctly 'Kylie', current and yet non-bandwagon hopping, cohesive and good (at least, mostly brilliant). Aphrodite is the exact album like Janet and Madonna should be trying to make with their respective sounds.

    Infact, this shit makes you realise how poised Kylie is at this point in her career. What a lady. I mean, compare Celebration to K25 (and yes, Finer Feelings alone trumps what is a terrible Greatest Hits package).
  7. MJH


    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Kylie has never had a massive era since 2001, "I Believe In You" was the next closest thing.
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    No awful featurings like Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Britney, Lil' Wayne, Akon, Justin, Pharrell, Timbaland and people of that kind. If there has to be someone else involved it should be a peer to Madonna not her daughter.

    No bored, half-arsed phoned-in vocals like most of Hard Candy, Girls Gone Wild, Revolver etc.

    No crude sexual innuendos - Candy Shop, I'm looking at you. Gang Bang will probably go the same way, sigh.

    No uninspired 'get on the dancefloor' lyrics. Also, nothing about clocks, waiting, hesitating and fuzzy dreams. Foreigh language lessons are also something to be avoided.

    No stupid spelling like Give It 2 Me, Dance 2Nite, 4 Minutes, Give Me All Your Luvin', B-Day Song. Madonna, you're not Rihanna.

    A few great ballads with some good lyrics would be a bonus.

    So, yes, basically - not another Hard Candy and go back to writing with Patrick Leonard.
  9. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single)

    I think she should have waited and released Celebration next year to mark her 30 years and just focus on W.E. for now.
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    Hahaha! Amazing.
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    But Kylie is generally irrelevant these days. Her last great moment of mass communication was Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Her albums appeal to a set fanbase now and her tours will attract the same people as usual, but she's not a chart threat to anyone. She doesn't generally appeal to a younger audience and Madonna is surely attempting to expand her fanbase and get some of that youth market. Madonna is similar in that a whole generation don't properly appreciate the Madonna legacy and her status as an icon.

    Madonna's own fans (and Kylie's own fans incidentally), the ones that are completely loyal, will always buy her albums. Working with Nicki and Justin and LMFAO are ways to get that demographic to recognise and buy her albums. It's all very deliberate and I'm not sure whether it will work. As much as I like Aphrodite, it isn't exactly an album for 'young groovy' people. Mid-twenties (at a push) up to fifty year olds would rush out and buy it. Kylie's appeal is massive, but her grip has weakened, and she's settling into Cher territory now. Madonna will go that way unless she can attract younger fans. MDNA is obviously her stab at getting to a new audience. It's crude and obvious, isn't it? Kylie hasn't made any attempt at expanding her existing fanbase and I'm not sure she'll even try to do it. Madonna, of course, is The Queen and she's always looking for ways to stay relevant.
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    And yet All The Lovers peaked at #3, spent 10 weeks in the Top40, hit #1 on the Airplay chart and was embraced by Radio 1, Radio 2 and commercial radio.

    Give Me All Your Luvin' peaked at #37, spent 1 week in the Top40, peaked at #40 on the Airplay chart and got snubbed by both Radio 1, Radio 2 and most of commercial radio.

    I think it's pretty clear which approach is working. I couldn't be more thankful that Kylie has hopefully realised chasing after a crowd that couldn't care less is not only futile but hugely embarrassing.
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    As much as I love Kylie (and I do), you speak the truth Kirkland.

    You speak the truth.
  14. LJB


    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Your post implies Madonna is massively relevant.

    Popularity wise, I feel they are respectively at the same level. Of course, they aren't comparable as Madonna is and has always been the bigger, more international artist. But at this stage they are both artists with moderate to low selling albums, and retaining touring box office success - obviously, Madonna's stadiums respective to Kylie's arenas.

    The thing that truly seperates them at this stage is quality. Like I said, Kylie's poise. Kylie is consolidating her fanbase, not desperately trying to latch onto trends, very much in vein. Aphrodite and Le Folies vs. Hard Candy and Sticky and Sweet (and I'm sure this era will be much of the same). I know which I'd choose.
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    Where exactly did all of the Aphrodite singles after All The Lovers peak? Madonna might not need to promote to get a hit, but her song still needs to be heard, and like you has been snubbed by most of commercial radio. It's a rare misfire and a sad fate for a fabulous little track. At least she went top ten in the USA, a small but hollow victory.
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    I'd choose Aphrodite and Les Folies, but that's because she's catering to my needs. The needs of her fan base. But to be quite honest, I'd like her to push forward. Sonically, she's been stagnant for a while now.

    And that's where Madonna comes in. Sure, for the most part we can all agree she may not be going about it the right way (I still love Give Me All Your Luvin'), but the woman is trying. She isn't settling. This is why I love Madonna.
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    #12 and #32, both higher than Madonna's lead single. And I'll just add the album spent 29 weeks in the Top75. That's more than Hard Candy managed with a big lead single and will probably be much more than MDNA.
  18. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Madonna would never do a K25 because she's a foward thinker, no matter how bad her recent output is. Celebration was half-assed because she doesn't look back like most artists do and just keeps moving on. The label was in charge of that release, like GHV2.

    I love Kylie, but the reason why she isn't better than Madonna to me is the same reason why some people think she is. Everyone expects an icon to be classy and just keep doing their thing for the fans. But that's too boring for Madonna.
    You can say her behaviour is pathetic and how she should act her age, etc. But she's breaking the mould and that's why she's more exciting to me than anyone else.

    And The Billboard Hot 100 is for Madonna was the UK Singles Chart is for Kylie.
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    She's more relevant than Kylie though. Of course she is! If people here want (or expect) Madonna to meekly accept her fate and settle into middle age with her accustomed fanbase, they're going to be sorely disappointed. I would rather see Madonna actually try to appeal outwards and continue penetrating the charts. I don't want her to give up and continue to placate her existing fanbase. Why should she?

    The only problem (and the crux of what I'm reading in this thread) is that her existing fanbase might not like the sort of music she’s making to appeal to a wider demographic. They might see it as trashy music, unworthy of Madonna, but she’s Madonna and getting hits is still important to her. I feel she's trying to grab the Katy, Ke$ha, Rihanna buyers with MDNA. I find it ridiculous that she’s been written off on the basis of one song not doing well and a few clips – none of which are the William Orbit tracks – and then she’s being compared to Kylie whose chart success has been erratic since the Body Language era.
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    I can't compare them. Kylie I don't know much about and have tried listening to her and find her voice thin and nondistinctive. I can't get into her or her music. I watched part of the last concert on youtube and found it far too campy in a dated way and boring. So she doesn't compare at all to Madonna for me. But I do get what you're saying about Kylie doesn't try to latch on to trends and plays to her core fanbase. I fear Madonna is going to lose more of her long-term ,record-buying fanbase if the album is uninspired and basic. The two first singles aren't amazing. I know. I should wait until the second single is heard in full and not be so negative.

    But Hard Candy sold almost 4 million. That is nothing to sneeze at for a longtime artist. I don't know what Aphrodite sold compared to that.
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