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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. The 'campaign' is a shambles - I can't believe she cares so little about a new album release.
  2. Buzz career.

  3. Not added on Australian iTunes yet.

    We can however buy Karaoke and "Tribute to Madonna" versions. *sad face*
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

  5. B.U.Z.Z. Madonna

    Y.O.U. you wanna
  6. She hasnt cared about her music since she decided to jump on the R&B bandwagon with Hard Candy. Ever since then she's phoned-in her vocals and taken a lax approach to promoting her work (touring aside). Case in point, she could have had a genuine smash on her hands with Miles Away but did naff all. And it bombed. And don't even get me started on the abortion of a song that is Revolver.

    I genuinely think that Madge is of the impression that her fans will buy ANYTHING she releases. To be honest as much as I like GGW, it does nothing for me in terms of building any form of anticipation for MDNA.
  7. I think this is true of physical releases, which in the past would at least give her a shot at a week inside UK top 10 with even her less popular releases.

    Now they can't be bothered with physicals I don't think even hardcore fans are going to standalone download tracks etc. As we have seen they will all just pre-order/buy albums.

    I haven't spent a penny on anything yet as there is nothing physical to buy!
  8. Not sure about the UK as you get Masterpiece but Girl Gone Wild is supposedly coming out in Europe on March 19. That's one week after the official Give Me All Your Luvin' remixes should be available for downloads ifI remember correctly. And the 2-track single has just been released as well.
    Happy mess.
  9. Masterpiece just got A-listed on Radio 2 today.

    They'd be crazy to try and wheel out this abomination instead.
  10. JadeFan

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    Oh wow.
  11. I don't get the hate for Girl Gone Wild. I love it.
  12. nevermind

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    I was listening Girl Gone Wild while reading all the reviews and that was truly amazing.
    It's a win-win situation for me.
  13. What's the point? She'll never top that Icelandic girl getting her groove on.
  14. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Hopefully it's going to be shit and the meltdown will come back with a bang.
  15. As a major Madonna fan, I really need to ask what the Fuck is going on with this campaign. I mean I was awestruck with the Superbowl performance, but very underwhelmed with Gimme All Your Luvin. I think the bit that shocked me, is for an Artist who really needs to reclaim her throne, why wouldn't you release your lead single on every single format, drop 20 mixes on I-Tunes and do just a little more that 1 piece of promotion (albeit a brilliant one) to get things moving.

    Next we have Girls Gone Wild, which although catchy, seems really lite & gimmicky (particularly after Gimme). From these 2 lead singles (and the connections with Benny, LMFAO, Mia, and that rapper thats not Lil Kim) you would assume she's chasing the youth market. But then suddenly Masterpiece is plonked onto UK Radio which seems to be at odds with the entire campaign.

    I am sure I'll find something to enjoy on the album but considering Madonna's lack of committment to a long campaign (outside of what is sure to be a great tour), I wonder how successful this will be.

    I mean if you look at charting singles, everything from American Life, Confessions, Hard Candy, Celebration barely bothers the charts after the 1st or 2nd single.

    Come on Madonna, prove me wrong!
  16. Me too - I really love it and think its a perfect intro now I'm hearing more of the album.

    I can understand some of the negativity on these boards as the sound is familiar of Benassi's previous work and the lyrics are maybe too typical of 00's Madonna but nonetheless its insanely catchy and I would imagine this would go down well as a live performance as well as performing well single wise (but maybe as a 3rd or 4th single - or a buzz digital single if that is all it eventually manifests itself as).
  17. SockMonkey

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    Give Me All Your Luvin'
    Girl Gone Wild.

    Just sayin'
  18. If it wasn't the first single people would hear the album and think "Wow what a great opener!"
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