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Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (First Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I agree, although I always prefer the performances mixing up both spectacle and actual singing, which is what I usually love Pink, Kylie, Gaga ánd Madonna for.
    Still, no complaints, it was a great show, and I know she's able to combine both.
  2. Kylie Ann Minooogueee
  3. MJH


    Anyone know what number this is on UK iTunes? And 7 weeks today untill the album is released! Anyone expecting an early leak?
  4. I like the new song in a 'oh that's better that what I imagined it would be' way.
    I'm quite jealous though I want Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. to be MY personal cheerleaders.
  5. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Interscope are very good at preventing leaks. I think we'll get it a week before it's released.
  6. MJH


    Yeah hopefully! And I forgot Interscope is now her UK label, when was this announced? Last week when we got the album released date?
  7. Ray


    "The past sensation"? Did they confuse her with Sandi Thom or something?
  8. I understand why Madonna went for all the smoke and mirrors, people want to watch a good show and that's what they got. I do think choreography and set design are important but when the singer herself gets turned into a prop I think it's too much.

    Also: I don't understand why you say my comment was lazy(a bit rude to be honest). I find the claim that performers at big shows shouldn't sing live bizarre. There is a whole area between standing at a mic and being wheeled around stage.
  9. Quite. What an odd thing for them to say!
  10. I for one am HAPPY she lipsynced. Before her performance started, I said to my roomate "I pray to God she is lipsyncing". And she answered my prayer!
  11. I'm so tired of the swipes at Madonna in the media suggesting she is old, washed-up, past it. It comes across as so sexist and ageist. And factually incorrect- she still sells out concerts and many current artists would love to have her album sales. As for her tripping, at least she caught herself. Besides, artists half her age, like Beyonce and Gaga, have fallen right down. It's not age related! Ugh.
  12. Beyoncè's fall was legendary.
  13. She covered the slip up really well, I thought it was a dance.

    I thought the whole thing was amazing 10/10
  14. That was a performance of a lifetime. Vogue was a 10/10 flawless performance that was nothing short of amazing. Music was a big letdown, with a few bright spots. I loved the acrobatics and the flips, but I really think its time to lay Music to rest for a while. BUT WHEN SHE DID A CARTWHEEL AND PUT HER HEAD IN THE DANCER'S CROTCH!!!!!! Oh. My. God. And I enjoyed this "shuffling" (but I feel awful that I had to google what that meant, who knew 24 years old is out of touch these days). I love Give Me All Your Luvin' and the live performance was brilliant, but the cheerleading choreography was kind of off. And words cannot even begin to describe Like A Prayer.

    I will be very excited if some of the elements of that performance are also used for the upcoming tour. Especially Vogue, and I'd be thrilled if she performed full versions of Open Your Heart and/or Express Yourself!!

    I live in Canada and was watching the Super Bowl at a pub. While american football isnt the biggest sport in Canada, it is still very popular up here (I think the news said it is the 2nd busiest day for restaurants/pubs in the country). I was half-expecting that I wouldn't be able to hear the halftime show since all the football fans in the pub would be talking over it, making fun of Madonna, etc. However, I was completely blown away when someone shouted "Turn it up!" right as Vogue was starting, and the pub obliged! And not a word of a lie, more than 3/4s of the people in the pub sat there, dancing along and fully enjoying the performance. At the end, there was applause. Not from the whole restaurant, but from at least 10 other people! I was blown away. That is the power of Madonna, I guess!
  15. What an amazing performance. The whole thing just worked well. I really couldn't give a crap that she mimed either.

    I especially loved the spinning stuff she did during Music.
  16. This is amazing! I wish I had been somewhere public and had seen this occur.
  17. Everything was perfect except the entrance. It was (excuse me for this) too gay for such an event. It didn't match everything else.
    The selection of songs was great, LMFAO and CeeLo Green were great, M.I.A was very good (love how the tried to censor the finger). The way she left the stage was impressive.

    That's how her tour should be.
  18. Anybody think she looks much healthier this go round? She's not all sinewy and ultra lean like she was recently, even around when Celebration came out. I knew she'd look better with a little weight on her. I think she's beautiful.
  19. The entrance reminded me more of Gimme More on the Femme Fatale Tour than it did of anything from Les Folies.
  20. I, for one, LOVED the big gay entrance! It's funny that all those big, grunting men in tights and shoulder pads are considered so masculine.
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