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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

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  2. I’m not ready.

    Seriously, I’m not ready.
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  3. I was supposed to be buying a house this year..............take my money queen !!!!!
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  4. I'm getting major anxiety just thinking about the ticket buying rush. Belgium stress

    It would've been cooler if she called the tour Madonna Presents Madame X or Madame X Starring Madonna or something
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  5. Is it worth joining Icon for the inevitable pre-sale ? What's peoples experience of it ?
  6. Same!
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  7. Here we go again
  8. Damn I wish I hadn't lost contact with a Canadian Daddy Icon Legacy member who gave me his code for the past 2 tours :(
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  9. I was glad I didn't do it for Rebel Heart, from what I saw they were only offering seats on the sides. That and the fact that you had to pay to access the presale
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  10. Take my liver Madonna cause that’s the only way I’m going to be able to afford it
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  11. I expect it to be late 2019-mid 2020?
  12. This is gonna be my first Madonna tour!
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  13. As a lifetime legacy member of Icon, there’s no stress.... my bank account does not agree with that sentiment though and is already breaking out a nervous sweat.
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  14. Will I finally get to see madonna live, or will the ticket touts beat me to it? Stay tuned to find out!
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  15. Ok but when people talk about how expensive Madonna tickets are... how expensive are they?
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  16. like £200 + once fees are added.
  17. Well I guess I’ll be broke this Summer too, thanks Madge.
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  18. Is this gonna be my first Madonna tour? Welp
  19. Allowing just for inflation (never mind her own mark up) you'd be looking at ticket prices of around £220 for the best seats this time round.
  20. I'm definitely going to this one. Even if I go on my own!
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