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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I will never get used to seeing Madonna in a Rick & Morty hoodie dd

    Hoping Madame X gets that streaming coin!
  2. Yeah I'm surprised it sounds like there's no deal in place...yet. Unless this video wasn't filmed today.
  3. Watch it be a TIDAL exclusive.
  4. So no Netflix then? Sounds like it hasn’t been shopped around yet.
  5. This is why we don't see concerts (old and new) at streaming platforms, they either don't pay well or want content free.
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  6. Release a damn bluray woman!
  7. It'll be a paid IGTV exclusive and we will deal.
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  8. What I would give for a streaming service that is just purely dedicated to artists tour dvds.
  9. There is Qello which does exactly that. I did a trial recently and it's great, with lots of different genres and levels of artist. They license not only from official artist recordings but also from festivals, MTV unplugged, etc.
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  10. Not being paid well is still better than not being paid nothing? Guess it's the greed but overall it doesn't really make sense to have it all rot in some archive. But I don't know much about the policies, just find them weird.
  11. Not all artists have their shows professionally filmed because that costs money. So a lot of shows aren’t in an archive where they could be released.
  12. I know just the ones that are actually filmed and have been released. I don't expect Netflix to invest in unearthing unseen material but a nice section of some concerts that... exist.
  13. Maybe they feel it’s not worth investing because for a lot of concerts you can watch them for free on YouTube albeit not in the same quality. Obviously that doesn’t apply to Madame X because she banned phones and filming.
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  14. MTV could have, you know, fill that gap, but...
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  15. The decrease of the once obligatory tour DVD release is one of my biggest gripes with the current music industry. The fact that various high profile shows like Britney and JLO's Vegas residencies, the Formation + Joanne tours are sitting there in all their professionally recorded glory in some label vault gathering dust is even worse.

    As far the Madame X recording goes I truly don't care where it ends up as long as the editing doesn't ruin it (again).
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  16. Tour DVDs or CDs with DVDs must have suddenly started selling really, really bad for them to stop being a thing.
  17. Some people don’t have DVD players anymore so they don’t have a way to play them.
  18. Yeah but some people still do?
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  19. But if doesn’t make money?
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  20. I agree that record companies aren't going to manufacture things that don't make money, but using the excuse 'well some people don't have DVD players' is a pretty crap excuse. I don't have a cassette player but I buy cassettes.
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