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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I think it depends on the artist to be honest. Most people don't really use DVDs anymore so it's understandable that record companies don't see the point with more current artists, but since singers like Madonna and Kylie know that their fans are more likely to throw cash at tour DVDs then I guess it makes more sense.
  2. But the content on said cassettes is already existing. Producing a concert movie is expensive. So less interest and less people caring about a format - and cassettes are also niche - is indeed a very good reason they aren’t a thing anymore.
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  3. Also most of the great DVDs we had in the past, they were filmed professionally to be televised, which meant there was a great film ready to go at the end of proceedings. HBO, Sky etc would only show perfectly filmed shows, which then labels struck deals to release to DVDs. It's a bit like when labels would source magazine photoshoots for CD single covers but on much more bigger scale.

    If Madame X had a deal on the table to be televised or on streaming when it was still on the road we'd have had the tour and the DVD probably already.
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  4. I could be reading this completely wrong but to me it doesn’t feel like we’ll be getting a full recording of the actual show, it will instead be a documentary. I’m hoping I’m wrong as there were so many performances that I’m doing to see in full again (Frozen, Like A Prayer, some of the Portuguese songs, God Control etc).
  5. It’s a shame that live televised concerts fell out of fashion. I think Miley’s Bangerz tour was one of the last and didn’t get high ratings for NBC.
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  6. They described the Rebel Heart Tour release as a concert documentary so it might not be a genuine documentary.
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  7. It seems to me it’s the full show not a documentary. All the clips she has shown on Instagram are of the performances. If it was a documentary it would be easier to get a streaming deal because then it would have new material people hadn’t seen. When it’s just the show, a streaming service might think all of an artist’s big fans have already seen this live and is a more general audience interested?

  8. NOT Bangerz! I was on the crowd and had people messaging me they spotted me for a week after that dd.
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  9. You mean you don't enjoy watching the same episodes of Ridiculousness for 13 hours a day instead of, ya know, music?!
  10. And still Mariah Carey released a remastered bluray of a 1995 show in japan only. Last year.
    I really don’t care about a streaming deal for Madame X as long as I have a physical bluray (official).
  11. ...which existed because it was filmed for TV broadcast back then. When a TV broadcast or a streaming deal is in place it helps everything else come together and sooner whether we like it or not.

    Madame X has the 'no cameras allowed' angle that should help, let's see.
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  12. What i mean is that it was remastered and released last year even if home videos for concerts are a product from "the past".
    It's not like Madame X wasn't filmed, like most of modern pop girls shows. I just don't want it to be a digital release only, that's it. For this reason I'd prefer Prime over Netflix. Of course it's going to be released, she even did reshoots.
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  13. Welp apparently they were the only ones watching
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  14. I’m not worried about the show getting a physical release. Her original Live Nation merchandising deal basically guarantees that we will.
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  15. I wish she’d just release it physically and call it a day at this point.
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  16. Selling it to someone willing to air it helps recoup the costs of production, plus it’s “promo” so she can actually sell copies
  17. The way she edits her concert films probably means they're not suitable for transmission.
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  18. I don’t think the edits are the problem, it’s probably more that Madame X doesn’t have many hits in the setlist.
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  19. Disappointed Netflix or other streaming services aren't overly interested in this.

    I am curious to see this show. Dammit!!
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