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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. It's never going to end is it?
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  2. But we need Madonna OUT of the editing room!
  3. Dear god! Is she trapped in that home cinema room? I believe we might have a case of "over editing" going on here if she doesn't attempt to wrap this up soon.
  4. I'm hoping these edits are because of the recent reshoots and not because she's discovered a new piece of software that can insert more frames per second.
  5. I assumed Netflix was a done deal given the reshoots - I couldn't imagine Madonna paying for it out of her own pocket - how strange
  6. One of those days where M's perfectionism and stubborn-ness work against her. Live entertainment is such an incredible experience for her craft and I really hope she doesn't ruin it by getting lost in the details... again. Rebel Heart is, and I can't stress enough, unwatchable.
  7. That female boss hunty who left Netflix last year really destroyed our dreams huh?
  8. Oh my GOD!
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  9. When hasn't an M blu-ray or DVD been over edited since 2012's MDNA?

    Perched either way.
  10. Speaking of editing, still can't believe the Super Bowl showed the dancers and missed a shot of M taking off the gold robe. Ugh.
  11. Editing is a long process and goes through many phases, so I’m hopeful her Instagram updates aren’t a case of her butchering her show, although she’s done it for the past few tours, however, her goal for this tour was to perform in a more intimate setting, and that won’t come across if it’s over edited like the last few, hopefully the cuts allow time for the performance to breathe.
  12. I always felt like this was intentional, to seemlessly cut to her in position having had a slight costume change?

    Yeah her editing instincts are poor but I did find the last few watchable, still, so I’m perched.
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  13. I've grown accustomed to the super fast-paced editing style of Madonna's recent concerts. They become art films in a way rather than replicas of the live experience, and I quite like that. I will say, Jonas Åkerlund was the one who set the gold standard for the dynamic concert film for Madonna with 'Confessions' and every one since has felt like an effort to replicate his deft touch (with diminishing returns). I hope 'Madame X' is closer in feel to that than the last two, and avoids the favouring of oversaturated colour palettes.

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  14. I understand and appreciate the art film approach, but with those other tours if you wanted a more conventional approach you can watch clips on YouTube. But with Madame X those don’t exist since cameras were prohibited. Also the other tours went to more cities, so more people had a chance to see it live. Madame X will be different because it will be the only form a lot of fans will be able to experience it.
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  15. Watching inaudible shaky handheld clips from someone’s phone is only slightly worse than the past two concert films.
  16. I’ve personally always appreciated that she doesn’t even bother setting out to replicate the live experience. I get the criticisms of why others might not like that approach, but turning it into a 2 hour music video instead always did more for me. Confessions is of course the pinnacle of this and manages to balance it being both live show and music video. I remember fans thinking that editing was too much, so the reaction to later films doesn’t surprise me when she turned up the music video aspect.

    I will say certain choices in terms of the audio (like the looped audience effects on MDNA, the overly tuned dub on Sticky & Sweet) have been my least favorite elements more than anything else.

  17. “We




  18. God she looks incredible.
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  19. “I’m so Gucci”
    *while wearing Prada boots*
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  20. How on earth is she still not finished? Just release it already!
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