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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Madame X is a relentless perfectionist
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  2. Whatever details she's obsessing over probably aren't worth it Dddd. Just give us SOMETHING
  3. I wonder who she was screening it for? She wouldn’t go to all that trouble for her friends. Maybe it was for executives for some network or streaming service.
  4. Based on the photos, it was held at CAA, so guessing it was just for her team (agents, managers, publicist, etc.).
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  5. Her team after watching there billion pictures per nano second for two hours:

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  6. You’re probably right - her lawyer, her manager, her agent, her chef, the three nannies, her assistant, her driver, her jet, her trainer, her butler, her bodyguard or five, her gardener and her stylist.

    Do you think they were satisfied?
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  7. I can‘t at her jet
  8. Imagine them having to praise it afterwards.
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  10. Goldfrapp / Swept Away vibes
  11. So two, three years more?
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  12. Interesting that Amazon have replied.

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  13. That’d make sense actually since the World of Madame X documentary premiered on there, maybe they made a deal for the Madame X era.
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  14. It’s Amazon Music. I think they responded to Janet too. They seem to tweet replies to many artists that are featured on their service.
  15. I still think there’s a realistic chance.
  16. Judging by her Instagram story, it’s coming in October.
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  17. Finally we have a month!
  18. Nn did she delete it already?
  19. Omg insane. Just...drop it?

    What if it ends up being a theatrical release?
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