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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Paramount+ makes sense considering Showtime got Rebel Heart, and it's the same company.
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  2. Or better yet just tell me the date when I can buy it and own it.
  3. MDNA Tour - lackluster boring cover
    Rebel Heart Tour - finally a great, exciting cover (thanks to fan requests)
    Madame X Tour - is there any hope left?
  4. I came across a video on Instagram suggesting the show only consists of 14 songs, which is a bit disappointing

    God Control
    Dark Ballet
    Human Nature
    I Don’t Search, I Find
    American Life
    Extreme Occident
    Rescue Me Interlude
    I Rise
  5. I’d be very surprised if that was the case. They’re never gonna cut Like A Prayer.
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  6. I’d hope not. I’d be gutted to lose Come Alive as well.
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  7. Medellin was a proper moment in the show, so I don't see her being willing to cut that out unless it just really didn't look good on film.
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  8. Are they just basing that off what the trailer showed? nn
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  9. Crazy getting her moment, love to see it!
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  10. Maybe there's an edited version for streaming/broadcast, with the physical copy being the 'full' show? That's happened a few times when her concerts have been broadcast in the UK.

    I remember being delighted when I bought the VHS of The Girlie Show as it had about 3 extra songs on compared to the version I'd recorded off the telly.
  11. There's no point having a truncated version for streaming - there's no advertising - the medium is perfect for long form content.
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  12. No, Rebel Heart was released just like the Showtime version, same for MDNA. Shows were only aired edited only on public tv like Confessions (aired on NBC). The Girlie Show was aired in full on HBO, same for Drowned World Tour.
  13. RJF


    Mother was not in the editing suite for sixteen thousand years just to chop songs off the setlist. It's a streaming exclusive; who cares how long it is?
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  14. Well, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore was cut from Rebel Heart and she was in the editing suite for 1 year! Let’s pray this will be complete.
    Paramount is not Netflix also, I physical release will probably arrive sometime next year.
  15. RJF


    Is that not potentially a rights issue because it isn't her song? Nothing of value was lost anyway!
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  16. I'm pretty sure Love Don't Live Here Anymore being cut was due to rights but I might be wrong. As long as I get Frozen I'm fine.
  17. I never got the rights issue since she did two more covers on the special (there’s the ending credits song too) and it wasn’t even the full song. It was a GREAT moment in the show with everybody losing ther mind when she started singing it.
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  18. Love Don't Live Here was defiantly a standout moment for me, I couldn't believe it was cut.
  19. There was still a small sample left in the performance so probably it was for some other reason.
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  20. I think the issue would have to be with lyrics, that's when you need to pay other people and they probably wanted to avoid that.
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