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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I agree. She sounded great on it but I don't like the song.
  2. Anyone else doing the 7 day free trial for Paramount+ for Madonna?
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  3. no
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  4. I am still sometimes unintentionally stopping whatever I am doing just to get angry because my Paris date was cancelled.

    So close to being so close to Madame X. Damn.
  5. These rumors always pop up. It makes no sense to remove songs from sections unless it's something she did one off or shortening bits like the typewriter moments that people said ran for too long. The only song I can see possibly not being on it would be Crave but she filmed several bits throughout the tour's run so being on streaming, I don't see an NBC Confessions scenario when it comes to commercials.
  6. *Long overbearing typewriting*
    "Madame X is a Spider, cause you can't hit a target on the ceiling"

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  7. This is now what it really was in the new trailer C0CE17BB-B7AB-4AA6-AE74-6C55F905E4BA.jpeg
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  8. She is having a contest on Facebook to win tickets to the premiere on Thursday

  9. New trailer featuring Ciao Bella. Footage might indicate they kept Crave for the film?

    This is gonna be an over-edited mess and I'm not ready dddd
  10. Looks amazing!
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  11. I forgot how much of a bop “Ciao Bella” was
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  12. Do we know when this will air on MTV UK? Or NOW TV?
  13. I like whoever decided to use Crazy and Ciao Bella to promote the clips. It looks incredible.
  14. I don’t see Crave, only Come Alive.
  15. Interview at the premiere!


  16. Assume she's still recovering from her procedure or she's wearing some hardcore shoes
  17. She can't see with the shades on most probably.
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  18. Whenever I hear her speak I remember why I fell in love with her in the first place. She's such a force of nature.

    Yes that covid rant doesn't count, leave me alone
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