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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Her after party look was of course so much better

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  2. Madonna getting her life to CeCe Peniston.
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  3. And Good Life.

    I wonder if she sends a very specific playlist to the DJs of her parties. I attended a similar party once and the artist had basically preaproved the two hour playlist, even sending changes / new additions an hour or so before the DJ's set was about to start.

    She probably does.
  4. According with people who went yesterday it’s the FULL SHOW minus Crave.
  5. Sad.
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  6. Crave was great and she performed the last time at the show I went to, but it’s my least fav performance so I’m ok with it.
  7. “Crave” was kind of awkward with them using that remix, so I’m fine with it being cut. They should have just filmed an acoustic performance when she was doing reshoots.
  8. And why are there no translated lyrics online after two years? At least nowhere I can find.
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  9. I don’t remember the last 2 shows (Rebel Heart and MDNA) having such Fanfare around them (but I wasn’t paying attention that close too dd) So it feels extra-special that she’s celebrating Madame X so hard. I’m really excited to watch the show. Cutting cellphones really did help.

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  10. More details of the 'Madame X' Concert Film:

    - Speeches were shortened and come from different shows/cities. The show is mostly 'Lisbon' footage.
    - It's not a documentary, reminds of 'Hamilton' from Disney+.
    - No Behind The Scenes moments except infamous 'Blond Ambition' 1990 Rome Speech 'Basta Per Favore!' before 'Dark Ballet'.
    - 'Batuka' intro is intact and complete.
    - The show is edited in fast cuts, not like a classical concert.
    - The Beer B**ch of the night is Dave Chappelle.
    - Audio / sound system sounded fantastic, but needs to be heard on headphones for a better review.
    - Fans shots from all the cities are included.

    Thanks to @bigasbilly from Instagram - 'Madame X' comes out October 8 on Paramount+ / MTV - #madamex
  11. Sigh.
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  12. x2.
  13. They should have used the Lil Nas X footage for beer bitch
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  14. The film/show sounds like a mess, and I don't see the editing doing it any favors. I'm literally only awaiting HD footage of Frozen.
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  15. x3.
  16. Here's some press release info about last night's event:

    On Thursday, September 23, Ketel One Vodka celebrated the most iconic entertainer of all - Madonna - as a sponsor of the screening and after party for her highly anticipated concert film, MADAME X. The star-studded evening welcomed friends and fans including, Drew Barrymore, Christian Siriano, Antoni Porowski, Miguel, Steven Klein, Fernando García, Laura Kim, Teezo Touchdown and more.

    The evening offered a VIP screening of MADAME X, which will be released to the public on October 8 exclusively on Paramount+. Upon arrival at the Edition Times Square, A-list guests walked the red carpet, followed by a pre-screen reception where they sipped on Ketel One Vodka Martinis crafted by Diageo Reserve World Class Winner Charles Joly. Following the initial reception and screening, guests were invited to an exclusive Q&A with Madonna moderated by Drag Race Winners Symone and Aquaria.

    The evening continued with an unforgettable after party DJ’d by Questlove and Vashtie and a surprise performance by Teezo Touchdown. Guests continued to enjoy the signature Madame X Martini menu by Ketel One Vodka alongside Tanqueray, Don Julio, and Johnnie Walker.
  17. This guy was at the screening. Apparently there was a Q & A in the private screening. She said there were three things she wanted to do that she had never done: get a tattoo, learn to play chess and eat at Popeyes.

  18. X4. I’ve never really enjoyed watching Madonna’s tour films because of the editing. It’s awful.
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