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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I just finished it and thought it was incredible. Seeing the show live really was an intimate, emotional experience and the film did a solid job capturing that. A couple of slightly clunky moments but the highlights more than made up for them! God Control, Human Nature(!!), Batuka (!!!), Crazy, Frozen, Come Alive, Like a Prayer, and I Rise were all particularly stunning visually and sonically. I don't think Human Nature has ever sounded better. I was a bit nervous seeing some of the responses here, but this was worth the wait.
  2. The jazzy horns in the Madame X version of Human Nature are so cool and dark sounding. It's like what Human Nature would sound like if it was released during the Erotica era.

    The live vocals on Human Nature sound great too. Sometimes the song can sound bad live (Sticky & Sweet Human Nature gives me chills haha) but her singing is very solid here.
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  3. How the FUCK do i watch this in the UK...missed the TV debut as i was at work..SMH.
  4. MTV UK 9pm x
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  5. SockMonkey

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  6. Oh they're re-airing it today??
  7. SockMonkey

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    They are, yep!
  8. It’s about to start on MTV, I’ve waited so long for this.
  9. I’m in love with this already, 4 minutes in.
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  10. Frustrating that the MTV UK airing isn’t in HD considering Paramount+ has it in 4K.
  11. Great watching this...never got to see the opening act at the London night started from act II Vogue. So weird watching MTV though.... I wanna go back to 1999 indeed!
  12. Currently watching the MTV stream and aside from being stressed out that they’re playing stupid adverts over songs or fun transitions, this is great so far. Will never stop feeling salty about my cancelled Lisbon date, it’s stinging especially bad tonight. She looks and sounds fantastic, especially given the injuries at the time. Also this setlist! The American Life rap is my national anthem
  13. Watching this on MTV HD so I’m an hour behind. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A total love letter to the whole Madame X era/album.
  14. After retiring it for so long I truly thought there was no way she could do Frozen live well anymore. What a treat!
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  15. I can only say WOW.
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  16. Finished it. Absolute Madonna excellence. She continues to absolutely amaze me.
  17. Just finished...brilliant! Ciao Bella on the credits makes me ask... we ever getting those deluxe tracks on streaming?
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  18. Wow. I just finished watching the film with a friend, we were just in awe of the whole thing. It felt so cinematic, the dancers really weren't just dancers - they performed with their whole bodies, including their minds. The camera coverage was superb, the way it was filmed elevated the show to more of a theatrical experience as opposed to a "mere" concert. Madonna looked beautiful and sounded great and natural. They smartly removed some of the draggier talking moments, the pacing was really strong imo. I'd hyped this show up to my friend for a while as being this great experience, retaining her flair for spectacle but balancing it with more warmth and intimacy and spontaneity. I feel like the film really delivered.

    It reminded me of what Rolling Stone said in their review of the tour in 2019, that Madame X always felt a bit like an Original Cast Recording for a show that didn't yet exist at the time of its release. It was an interesting observation, one that definitely recognized the sense of theatricality on the album. My friend said he felt like Madame X is one of those albums that will be looked back on in twenty years as a "wow, this was actually really great" kind of album by critics/press/whoever. And you can tell how much Madonna loves this album/tour and that it means something very special to her.

    I feel like her fifties were, in a way, a journey back to herself. She gave us some really great content along the way, but Madame X is so the energy of an artist who got to fully engage with the kind of art she wanted to make. It's so funny to see interviews of Rebel Heart because if there's one theme that kept coming up, it was her lamenting the loss of the "artist colony" she felt she'd been a part of in the early eighties in New York. She had no clue that, in just a couple years, she would find that again across the ocean.
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