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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Just finished watching it and I really enjoyed it !

    I think the Fado section was the highlight for me - she looked gorgeous and most of the focus was on the actual stage performance.

    Some of the more theatrical elements worked very well - like I thought I Don't Search I Find really benefited from the film-noir cinematography and aspect ratio changes, it was well done.

    God Control wasn't great - I don't know if it popped off more in person but it was disappointing for me, as her openers are always so amazing.

    I loved Human Nature with more jazz elements - really suits the song and like someone already said, made it sound like it was from the Erotica era.

    The lack of choreography was disappointing in some places (not her fault obviously) but it made the bits where she did dance that much more exciting. I think Medellin was a highlight in that respect.

    Like a Prayer was nice but felt kinda shoe-horned in as fan service - it didn't really go with the rest of the show, which was obviously primarily designed to showcase Madame X. A few of the reviews I've read moan about a lack of 'hits' but I think she was right to stick to a Madame X focused set-list.

    I liked what Dave Chapelle had to say during the film and he had a cute moment with Madonna but as well publicised he's also a huge bigot, so I'm sure they could have used someone else.

    Overall I enjoyed it so much more than the Rebel Heart Tour film and I'd say in some respects it's actually better than MDNA.

    It's a very strange beast - not a documentary but also not a concert film either - it's a weird, cool pastiche that feels very 2021.
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  2. I wouldn’t say any of the show really “popped off” live, at least not at my show… it was more an opportunity to sit, watch, listen, and just generally “be” in the same space as Madonna / Madame X.

    It was a very different show to most of Madonna’s shows in pace and “mood”, and I think the film captures the live experience very well. I enjoyed the film and it probably makes me appreciate the artistry and ambition of the show more than when I saw it (and was expecting more of a Tears of a Clown or Anti Tour experience).

    I’m disappointed they cut Papa Don’t Preach though - I thought that moment was powerful and the message very relevant right now. I wonder what happened.
  3. She never did it on the European shows.
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  4. That explains that then!
  5. The ‘Frozen’ performance is…deeply moving
  6. I'm so sad as I don't have Paramount or MTV Hits... If someone has another way to see it...
  7. I know he’s problematic at the minute because he’s outed himself as a TERF but seeing Madonna genuinely laugh during the Dave Chapelle section truly warmed my heart.
  8. His bit was charming. I can see why they left it in, since I doubt any of the other celebrity guests fawned over her in such a way. It's a shame that he's an asshole.
  9. This show is incredible, I really feel this may be her best visual filmed show, it seems real and not so edited like some of her other filmed shows, you can tell she has spent her time getting this right.
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  10. "Career-spanning" is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that tweet.
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Is there any place to see this but Paramount + in the US?
  12. Paramount exclusive, sadly
  13. Paramount + has a free one week trial and if you cancel during that first week, they offer you a free month. At least they did when I signed up a few days back.
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  14. Currently watching this and am not disappointed in the way that I am during most Madonna tour videos. Very well done so far!
  15. Should've done a compilation of Katy, Kim, Lil Nas, etc.
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  16. In no way is that funny, mate. Especially when you don't know someone's personal history / background.
  17. LTG


    The search on Now always seems really shit. I found it by going into Entertainment, then down to Channels bit, scrolling along to MTV. There’s an alphabetical list in there and it’s under Madame X.
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  18. I finally got around to watch it yesterday. At first I was very annoyed by the constant cuts from the different shows. It’s also hard to reproduce the atmosphere that was during the live shows. But towards the middle I started enjoying the film and it was so lovely to see that they kept so much of Madonna’s talk between the songs. The film made me realize what an amazing experience it was to have seen the show in Lisbon.
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  19. I loved it.

    I think the term "theatrical presentation of my music" really explains it.
    I liked the editing choices she made as i think they work in favour of the narrative.

    She comes across as playful and profound in the speeches and I find it heartwarming to see how communal this moment is for her. How far she has come since writing "Rescue Me".

    It's pretty special that we landed here after the "lost years" and this shows how eager she still is to live and create.

    My biggest takeaway is how much one single person can do with their life and how big of an impact they can make. This will inspire me until my dying day.

    Bless her for ever.

    Also #justiceforciaobella <3
  20. I absolutely loved every second of the concert. She is a genius. I'm not sure what those who complained about the use of auto-tune and the editing being from different shows were watching because both of these were carried out masterfully.

    I loved seeing her Truth or Dare speech in the film; it made me realise that she hasn't changed since then at all, and the world is in dire need of artists like her. Also, an unexpected highlight was Killers Who Are Partying, which made total sense to me. Yes, the lyrics are very on-the-nose and sometimes straight-out bad, but they ARE true, it is her essence: her support for the LGBTQ+ community, the release of Erotica and Sex, and now Madame X and God Control are great examples that she positions herself as a vocal supporter of marginalised communities and social issues when they need their voices to be heard. She is an all-American artist who always challenges America with whatever timely topic.

    It seems to me that the show was most similar to the Re-Invention Tour and the Masculine/Feminine act of the MDNA Tour, which I couldn't me more happy about. I loved the jazzy tones in Human Nature and the always-brilliant American Life. Frozen and I Rise got me not teary-eyed but straight-out crying.
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