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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Like A Payer and Frozen were both magical.
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  2. RJF


    I had my own private screening of the Mum X Tour last night and thought the whole thing was spectacular from start to finish. Considering I've not seen more than maybe two minutes of shitty cam footage, I thought I would try and recreate the experience as intended as much as possible. Dimmed the lights, left my phone in the other room, and true to the authentic experience, started at around 11PM two hours after it probably should have started, and gave it my full attention.

    For all the issues that I remember plaguing the show as it quite literally limped towards the finish line before COVID canned it for good (along with the weird tone the thread took at the time like she was humiliating herself by continuing), there's not a single sign of that in the final product, which is your typically polished Madonna production... but perhaps the most unflinching representation of the current album ever, along with being a stunning presentation of her current state of mind, and how amazing it is that is still able to produce stuff like this, to feel like this. To still get angry rather than despondent. I thought the clip from Truth Or Dare was perfectly placed, because the show was actually reminding me of Blond Ambition a lot (where this show's traditional effects were more down to aesthetic, it was simply the technological height of the medium back then!). Madonna was the first person to really bring theatre and story into stadium-size pop displays, so it makes sense that she would eventually return that energy to the space that bore it, and not only do it with aplomb, but with her status as pop's biggest disruptor... still more or less intact after thirty years.

    But yeah, I'm just a bit bowled over overall. Some disorganised thoughts:

    - She was hilarious between songs. Between "Can I sign it? NO. FUCK OFF!!!", the immediate scream of laughter after asking if there were any gay people in the audience, being sick of the eyepatch, clocking grill haters, and

    Madonna: Do you have what it takes to be a freedom fighter?
    Gay, lisping: I do.
    Madonna: You do?
    Gay: I do.
    Madonna: Yew dewwwww?
    Gay: Aye dew!

    Bitch, I was screeching. I know she's been dabbling in comedy in the last few years and has been painfully unfunny when rehearsed, but when she's just vibing with a few thousand people and trying to needle money for charity out of them, she's perfect. Shout out to her not caring about everyone whining about their phones too.
    - "Human Nature" was dazzling; maybe its finest outing? It was unbearably cool with those lovely brass flourishes to the point where "Vogue" kinda felt painfully rote in comparison straight after. I wonder if it was just put there as a safe injection of energy to the audience after a rather album-heavy opening, because it was... one of the more forgettable numbers in the whole show. Still good because it's fucking "Vogue", but still. On the flip side, the way "I Don't Search, I Find" was presented really made it pop off.
    - The album tracks in general were wonderfully brought to life. You can tell that more than any other show before, she refused to save big show stoppers and set pieces for the singles. The technicolour brilliance of "Come Alive", the drama of "Batuka", the unbridled fun of "Crazy" and even botched sombreness of "Killers" worked as well as it could.
    - She was in fine voice throughout, like so many of you said at the time. I feel like the smaller space and a less physically demanding show made her vocal choices stronger and bolder. Like, I can't imagine her singing "Crazy" so well a few years ago, but she glides through it here. The fado sections where also really lovely.
    - "Frozen"... An instant and blazing career highlight. It was such a unique cocktail of things that could never be recreated by anyone else. A song all about yearning and pleading for unconditional love as the subject of that unconditional love dances on the screens behind, all-consuming and massive. It was unspeakably special. Lola is always going to be inextricably linked to that song, that album, that time, and to see her perform as an active part of it in her mid-twenties when her birth was the catalyst for it is almost too much to even comprehend. All that history and feeling and meaning... the gay gasp that robbed me of all my air when her MOM tattoo flashed across the end of the performance... Stunning, stunning, stunning. And an incredible vocal performance to boot.

    We will... always be so lucky to have her be so vitally creative in our time. I can't think of anyone else making moves like her, and perhaps most importantly, I can't imagine anyone else ever making these moves either. These girls just haven't tended to the fire as well as Madonna has. She remains a crucial, intriguing, and important part of pop's sphere, and I hope everything that the upcoming film and re-issues bring up cements that for everyone who doesn't know already.
  3. My favorite thing about the show is how cohesive it is. Nearly every part feels essential.
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  4. This was another big one for me too - has she ever sounded so good on tour before ? At this stage I'm very happy for her to tone down some of the choreography if it means she sounds as good as this.
  5. She sounded incredible when she was singing that Fado song.
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  6. I just finished it and it was great but my one complaint has to be the editing (yet again), felt like certain scenes just needed room to breathe instead of the frantic cuts and slow motion sprinkled in. Her best tour since Confessions and honestly I think more people should tour theaters cause it forces you to be more creative with basically every aspect of the show.
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    I'm literally in awe. Really only got to see Rebel Heart live bc my boyfriend at the time had a friend get sick and offer me his ticket, but this is the show that I wanted to see more since the album felt even more impassioned and driven. It was so important for me to see her so incredibly re-energized again, and for her music to reflect so much of what drew me to her in the first place - hearing "Nothing Fails" and "X-Static Process" after my first experience with love (y'all might remember my 11's commentary in the first Madonna rate dd). What a woman. What a force. And what an influence on how I got to where I am now. Today I'm 33, and this has been such a heartwarming present. I hope to be just as present for the full 200 years that she'll be with us :)
  8. Cannot stress enough how the change in venue makes the show feel different in rhythm and pace from her others.
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  9. Are „Frozen“ and „Future“ the perfomances that were re-shot post-covid?
  10. Yeah
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "Frozen" was literally...heart-wrenching. Seeing Lola's tattoo brought my ass right back to tears.
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  12. The costume when she looks like the Deluxe cover of the album is my favorite. Love her facial expressions during Future.
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  13. Why were there reshoots? Poor footage? Better vocals?
  14. I’m guessing for the additional effects, like the piano being on fire in “Future”. And they probably needed close ups for “Frozen”
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  15. I've watched this three times so far. Going in for a fourth viewing tonight and then gonna watch it with my mom on Tuesday. It almost never drags. The only part I found to be a little bit of a chore is Breathwork.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I mean, it's a film. Films in general shoot all the footage they believe they need then after review for the narrative that is meant to be portrayed, they add in further footage that is faithful to the production to ensure that narrative is fully visualized. I don't see it as an issue.
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  17. After paying a little more close attention to the film (all the cuts, distracting, but fun), can definitely tell they used multiple dates of the performances. I see her hair changing, etc in the "Vogue" performance. Genuinely loved watching this though. Her vocals sounded great.
  18. Rescue Me really needed to stay a proper part of the show. They could have done a version that used the choruses and middle eight and so on. The Batukadeiras could have been part of it, I mean imagine how the planet would cave in if there was silence and then: "I BELIEVE IN THE POWER!"

    It's fine, though. We've been more than fed by the Madame X era.
  19. As nice as it would have been to get Rescue Me in full, I completely forgot she included it at all so when the spoken lyrics came up during the Breathwork segment I also gasped
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  20. The Breathwork segment is amazing, she has the best dancers in the world. And the transition to Frozen. My. God.
    Without a doubt her best EVER filmed show. I need a bluray with the cut songs and the making of NOW.
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