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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. the Breathwork interlude needs to be visualized because the dancers KILL it. And the ending with the spoken, A person, who loves. ME. is just SHIVERS.

    Talking to a friend of mine earlier and it would have been amazing to have a sequence like Breathwork into Rescue Me -> Frozen -> Xstatic Process -> Easy Ride. I suspect some of the cuts that might have happen were from this section, since she's dressed like the album cover for 1 song only and then goes to the Robe.

    In some other more important news: The "Frozen" performance is a work of art. Seriously. Put it on YouTube to promote the movie @GuyOseary @Madonna pls pls pls.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I need a Blu-ray / downloadable release, ASAP.

    Also, can I say that her transition from a performance-heavy setlist with intense choreo and looser narratives to something on the opposite end is very satisfying? I appreciate the choreo, but it was refreshing to see how much she connects to the new music and the reinterpretations of her past work while linking it to a more encompassing story? That and the venue size and filming were such grade-A choices. It feels like the tour film that she truly describes it to be.
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  3. 24 hours after watching it I can't think of anything other than that Extreme Occident performance.

    And American Life will always be a bop.

    What a great concert it was. Only criticism was how out of place the reshoots for Frozen and Future felt. I get Frozen would have been impossible to make work filming the projection, but I wish it was reshot as a straight on single shot.
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  4. Loved the Extreme Occident performance, the editing during the part when the pieces of stairs were moving around was excellent and did what a concert film should do - give you The Rush of it all.

    I was super aware that Future was part of the re-shoots, but I actually liked it. I'm probably projecting, but the sudden dutch angles and eye contact with the camera added something really off-kilter and dreamlike in that late phase of an already wild show.
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  5. Yes, the re-shoots are gorgeous!
  6. You know what, not gonna take back what I said about the live album, which I still think doesn't work as well as it should. But the video? That's where it's at, Mme X! I mean, I only semi-watched it while doing kitchen stuff and I still enjoyed it immensely, and will be rewatching when I grab two hours of actual me time. But yeah, the humor was the there, the visuals were serving, and even some lesser "Madame X" tracks came to life (looking at "I Rise", which somehow had more spirit in it than freaking "Like a Prayer"?). The only regret I have is about saying that "Batuka" was irrelevant back in the day, since I came to realize it's the best track (and video!) of the whole era. Also one of the best moments in the show! "Frozen" always slaps, but it wasn't as magical as everyone is selling it. With Stuart Price-remixed versions instead of Kevin "Will this do?" Antunes, this would've been a 10/10 show.

    Even the Dave Chapelle bit was touching, but let's not mention him ever again cause he's a TERF thanks.
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  7. The way the live version of Crazy reminds me of how we were robbed of a global smash hit. That song deserved its moment.
  8. I’m never usually a fan of live albums but this one is great?! Perfect in the headphones for doing boring house chores along to. The little ad lib bit in American Life is giving me life, constantly rewinding to it (and only partially to work out what she’s saying - still drawing a blank) what a force of nature she continues to be. Madame X’s successor has a big eyepatch to fill.
  9. Seriously. I watched the show with my friend-turned-stan and mentioned it wasn't a single, and he was just like "REALLY??"

    Watching the show again tonight, can't wait!
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  10. I’ve definitely got a new found appreciation for Crazy after watching the show and I’m also wondering why it wasn’t a single, I’m a bit in love with it, it’s classic Madonna.
  11. I’ve only been listening to the audio so far and I’m enjoying it a lot. The way Human Nature hit me though, I was not ready. The jazzy arrangements sound so… exquisite and suit the track so well. Pure bliss.
  12. HMD


    I watched it yesterday and I think it’s very good overall. Really looking forward to rewatch it.

    Some thoughts:
    · The opening act was kind of a letdown. As gorgeous as God Control and Dark Ballet are, they are not the best choices to start the show with a bang (mainly due to all the autotune). Maybe I’ll change my mind after a second viewing. That outfit will remain unflattering though.
    · The show proves once again that Madame X is a very solid album and the songs included in the setlist are pretty spot on. I’d have left out Come Alive in exchange for Crave. And have Batuka replaced with Looking For Mercy.
    · Human Nature, American Life and Frozen deserve honorable mentions. Talk about smashing crowd pleasers!
    · The ending with I Rise is plain perfection.
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  13. Agree, but I also felt the same way with Ghosttown. Radio ignoring her is not cool.
  14. Crazy reminds me of Body Shop and Ghosttown in the sense that if anyone under 30 released it, it would have been massive.
  15. It’s so annoying they not gonna show it in Germany before coming Sunday. I am dying to see it. Stupid Paramount+ deal does she actively not want people to see this?
  16. Come alive was life affirming and absolutely deserved it's place. Like a prayer was incredible in the actual concert, it doesn't quite capture the magic on the film, but it was wonderful. And Frozen was so moving and it's hard to explain why but it just was.
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  17. Batuka is the highlight of the show for me. Mind you, I have only seen it live in Lisbon, I haven't seen this recording yet.
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  18. Yes Batuka was a highlight for everyone who could make this tour. Me too.

    Crazy is actually the most played song of the live album without being playlisted or anything.

    The should upload it to Youtube, together with Frozen.

    I think Crazy should have been a Christmas single, instead of I Rise or I Don't Search I Find.
  19. HMD


    It may click on me on the second viewing, which I hope it can be today!
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