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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I absolutely loved the film, even though it could of course not completely replicate the intimate feeling of seeing the show live. As for the songs that were cut, I think it was the right decision in order to keep the pace going. I love "Crave" but I honestly don´t remember it that much from the actual concerts I saw, probably because it was a forgettable remix version.

    It was a little distracting while watching the film to see one shot with eyepatch, next one without, then the patch is back etc, on account of using footage from different nights. I agree with many here that the noticeable drop in audio quality during the speeches was also a bit distracting.

    Overall though it was wonderful the see a recording of the show and I really hope it will be released on Blu-ray, along with the audio on CDs. I would love to buy it as gifts for people close to me, many who have had to put up with my Madonna obsession my whole life. They were intrigued by the fact I would get to see her in such a inmate setting and I know many of them would love to see the show.
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  2. I have to agree with a few comments here that the opening section is rather hit and miss. Much like the opening tracks on the Madame X album they don't flow very well. Maybe because of where the ad breaks are the opening section is far too long, at least to me. The rest of the show is very good and the sound mixing great. I never bothered to download Rebel Heart because of the awful audio.
  3. Cutting Sodade was criminal, such a beautiful moment when I saw her live. I didn't see Crave at my show but I can't say I'm sad. From the clips I've seen that remix version looks totally out of place, an acoustic version would've been fabulous.
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  4. The Madame X is a saint bit is so funny! We need a gif.

    And my second point is that her and Marvin continue to have such incredible chemistry, one that deserves to be explored further, like in an eventual cabaret show.
  5. It did make me laugh when she talked about the 'living room' nights she went which were all probably very loose and anything could happen and her version was literally choreographed to within an inch of it's life.

  6. queen of promoting medellin years late
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  7. RJF


    I love that she could have just chucked this out with little to no fanfare but instead wanted to strut about NYC, do some talk shows, some magazine covers, and throw a leg over Maluma. Queen.
  8. Bit obsessed with those unfiltered fado high notes... may we request a Fado inspired live album of her just running up and down the scales?

    Fado version of 'Champagne Rosé' incoming.
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  9. Yeah what was that about ? It was quite jarring. I can't imagine they didn't have access to the soundboard, so I have to assume it was done on purpose.
  10. Our girl is all about artists disturbing the peace, and boy did she in Manhattan.
  11. HMD


    Just finished watching it for a second time. No choice left but to stan!
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  12. It was done on purpose.
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  13. The Los Angeles viewing party was sooooo much fun, and I got a little (tipsy and) emotional at the after-party in West Hollywood when a remix of Nobody Knows Me came on and every single person knew the words. It was my first time dancing around in a club in a COVID world and for it to be with these fellow super fans made it one of the best nights out I've had in the last 4-5 years, maybe ever. The power of Madonna. She wasn't there but I did get to kiki with Gigi Goode so I delusionally felt Madonna adjacent for the night.[​IMG]
    IMG_0849 copy 2.png
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  14. I keep going back to the typewriter breakdown in I Don't Search I Find, and the arrangements of Human Nature, Batuka, Come Alive, and Future are also expertly done. This might be my favorite of the tours she's done with Kevin Antunes as musical director? New blood would still be most welcome though dd
  15. Wish I could see the show, but I have listened to the live album and the pitch correction is just very poorly done. I understand it’s a stylistic choice in some songs, but almost all of them have it. The new arrangements are very nice, though!
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  16. Great post and I agree wholeheartedly. The filmic touches really added to the experience throughout, particularly Madonna's POV shot in 'God Control' looking down at the dancers, the noir presentation of 'I Don't Search I Find' and the surrealist breaking of the fourth wall in 'Future'. All of these moments elevated the film beyond being 'just' a live concert presentation and hammered home Madonna's vision of the 'Madame X' show as a theatrical experience.

    If I'm honest, I would have liked her to lean into this even more. Since 'The Re-Invention Tour' all of Madonna's tours on screen have been artistic interpretations of a live event, but it really suited this one. I think this is why the switch to low quality footage of some of her speeches was so jarring. I understand the intention to showcase the best moments of these audience interactions across multiple shows, but the lo-fi approach here took me out of the fantasy. A tighter edit without those extra moments of crowd speeches shoehorned in would have immersed me in the world of Madame X even more. Like all of us I have always admired Madonna's unrelenting and often impenetrable gutsiness, but the hubris of her audience interactions on this tour sometimes undercut the uplifting 'freedom fighter' narrative she was presenting. (A very provocative perspective on this dichotomy in the 'Madame X' show is in the review by The Spool, which I don't entirely agree with but it's food for thought). For me, she has always been at her best when the work itself does the heavy lifting.

    The intentional autotune as a stylistic effect was fine, but I agree that the pitch correction on some songs ('Killers Who Are Partying') was distracting. I guess that is also part of Madonna's hyper-real approach to concert films, I just felt she was in strong enough voice not to need it. Still, 'Madame X' remains a very compelling show, perhaps even moreso on screen. Madonna being engulfed by the image of her own daughter, a brief concession to her mortality and the passage of time, in 'Frozen' was truly stunning, especially with the slow reveal of Lola's face. 'American Life' hits harder here; as another poster remarked, some 15 years since this song was in a tour setlist and the messaging is more relevant than ever. The arc of the show was perhaps the most streamlined and personal that she has ever had. Act 1 initially presents Madonna in her usual role as The Artist and sees her commentate on the cultural mores of America as she always has done. Disillusioned by the world around her, she retreats to Lisbon and reignites her hunger for life, for romance and for music. Madonna's return in the third act of the show is a celebration of the healing power of music and a rediscovery of what matters in her life, both personally and artistically - the love of her children (also a thread throughout the show) and her passion for effecting social change.

    Some minor gripes with the direction of the film aside, it's a strident affirmation of why Madonna is so important in the world of pop music. The fact that she can still create an innovative live experience for herself and her audience that doesn't rely on past glories almost 40 years into her career is nothing short of miraculous.

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  17. Clip of interview at the premiere where she talks about turning down a role in the Matrix.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I've watched it twice more again. It's addictive.
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  19. The David Chapelle bit does need to be cut out and replaced given his recent comments.
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  20. Yeeeeah, it's just the kind of thing someone wanting to criticize her can pull out like, "here she is, out of touch and out of the loop again."

    They should have used the Lil Nas X one. It's simple and straightforward, he's a current generation ascendant pop star and it's a cute moment. And Lil Nas X is always respectful and speaks well of her which, more stars of his generation should.
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