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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I was thinking more along the lines of Madonna being an ally to the community and not supporting someone who is so blatantly transphobic.

    Because any criticism with keeping the Chapelle bit is deserved. Especially after talented performers like Gigi Goode are hired to host a Madame X party.
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  2. The same Madonna who wanted to collaborate with Eminem (who turned her down) in the midst of his homophobic backlash in the 2000s? She’s always loved her controversial figures. And by the time Dave had made these recent comments, the film had already been delivered, so it’s kinda out of her hands until it comes to the physical release, which will probably remain unchanged.
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  3. She’s Madonna, I don’t buy that it’s out of her hands.
  4. Then don’t buy it. But even if it was in her hands, my other point still stands: she loves controversial figures, and has said time and time again that she doesn’t believe art should be censored. Removing that bit would be doing exactly what she says she doesn’t believe in and also against the entire message of the same show dd.
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  5. Okay, but pointing out her questionable behaviour won't make it any less problematic.
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  6. I was saying they should remove that bit the day those reports came out, before her show was even released, so I really have no problem with people pointing it out. I'm just saying it's unlikely that it will happen, and that it's not necessarily surprising that she wouldn't take it out.
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  7. I agree that it’s not surprising but that’s not a good thing.

    Let’s say she can’t remove it then a public statement from someone so influential as Madonna would be significant. Dua Lipa recently handled a similar situation very well.
  8. ....think I'm gonna have to watch this David Chapelle special now just see what all this is about, honestly never heard of him
  9. Don’t give a TERF an iota of your time.
  10. 100%

    She's full of contradictions and has made a number of problematic 'choices' throughout her career but on the whole she's a force for good - so I'm willing to forgive the occasional tin ear.

    But then again it's got to be absolutely heartbreaking for her trans fans to watch. It's a sad state of affairs.
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  11. Don't watch it, don't give him ratings. You can google to see what he says.

    The suicide rate for trans people is 30%, for non-binary youth its over 40%. Pretty stark statistics for her to be flippant over.

    And this is not just something that only trans people should be outraged about, it's an issue for the entire queer community. Or the 'alphabet people' as David Chapelle calls us.
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  12. Okay I have just watched this and FUCK. I've never had a 'cries at art' moment but here we are, I was choking throughout - mainly out the nostalgia of remembering what a special moment Madame X is for a fan of Madonna. THOUGHTS:

    The first section is... horrible? She looks insecure, uncomfortable and awkward. You can see the pain in her face, but also the same hesitation she had when she was on the Living For Love promo run (I remember remarking that the Grammys was the first time I'd ever seen Madonna look... nervous?). Also the editing is pure MDNA.

    Thank fuck this quickly fades away and turns into one of the best tour films I've ever seen. I'd say the set list should have just been the full Madame X and nothing else if it didn't mean cutting Frozen. But this was just the perfect visual accompaniment to one of her most accomplished projects (in my opinion). She keeps blabbing on about art but this does feel like one of her most intrinsically artistic not concerned with commercial success endeavours.

    And can we speak about how JOYOUS she looks like the post-first section show. Truly likes she's in the moment having a good time which is a real rarity for someone whose career has been so hyper-vigilant and in control and, to quote another artist, 'rehearsed again and again'. You could say that it felt that there was a spontaneity in this work (a choreographed one but alas... she got unconscious, honey).

    Sad to have missed this (after the first section I was high five-ing myself that I didn't splash out £500+ but that soon dissipated). Also why did no-one say the gross polaroid for money bit was for charity? Makes it much more palatable/quite enjoyable.

    5 stars. Actually no I forgot about I Rise. 4 and a half stars.

  13. We did. The fact I almost tried it in Lisbon but was too embarrassed.
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  14. Q&A special out November 18th

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  15. I've now watched this tour more than times than I've ever watched Sticky & Sweet. It's the color palette that really makes the show come alive.mp3 for me (though the arrangements are a close second). The colors used are the exact hues that I experience when I listen to the album by itself.

    American Life is such a great addition to the setlist. It feels perfect for an album/era that, at times, has American Life's ethos.
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  16. I missed MTV Germany showing it there is still no other way to see it right? Help!
  17. "Artists are here to disturb the peace." - James Baldwin.

    Well, I think we can consider the peace in here firmly disturbed by Dave Chappelle, so job done.
  18. Not sure if I’ve said it but American Life really is a moment on this tour I keep going back to.
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  19. Dave Chappelle is a tool and proudly declaring yourself a TERF in a Netflix comedy special isn't revolutionary - it's weak, shitty and bigoted behavior. The "jokes" in question were also just...not well-constructed or funny, period.

    Having said that, I don't expect him to be cut out of the special, nor do I expect Madonna to make a statement. She isn't necessarily obligated to do so, as much as I'd like her to, and quite frankly I feel like his presence in the film period is fairly insignificant overall
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  20. Unfortunately TERF words were said literally the week of the Madame X Tour launch, the show was delivered, the best thing to do in general would be not to include this segment in the first place but here we are. Bad timing.
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