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Madonna - Madame X Tour Concert Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I seriously don't think Madonna herself is bothered in the least. She never has been. About anything. What does she say in the film? Something along the lines of "People don't like the eyepatch, so I keep wearing it. People don't like the grills, I keep wearing them." So add "People think I should remove a segment from my film, so I left it in" to that list of things she does just to be provocative or controversial. She's always been like this, it's why we love her. It's just that today, it's her queer fans she's pissing off as opposed to the Catholic Church.

    I've loved and followed Madonna since I was 7 years old. After everything she's done and all the headlines and controversies she's generated, I can't think of anybody in the world LESS likely to issue a statement of apology for something like this.
  2. Baldwin is an amazing writer. You should get familiar with his work, life and activism. He would hate to have what he says taken so out of context.
  3. There's this... certain type of Madonna fan who just learns of artists and things when she discovers them and speak exclusively through Madonna quotes, while the rest of their minds is vacuum. Some of them barely speak English, so obviously "Look it up!" is going to pop up at least 10 times, but if that's not an excuse... Don't be that fan. On top of that, the fandom is aging rapidly, and starting to skew quite conservative. Heck, I've seen full blown Madonna fans who also believe in QAnon, where she's an implied pdf file, so...
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  4. I also think the same criticism can be applied to Madonna. I love that Madonna name dropping him means people might take an interest in discovering James Baldwin because he is one of the best American writers.

    But judging by how she talks about Baldwin it’s pretty obvious which book of his she has read. Hopefully she reads his other stuff.
  5. It was just a wry comment but I guess that's me told.
  6. You know, I see where you were going here but please don't say that in this context, people can be intelligent and informed even if they don't or barely speak english, it's not like all the information in the world is in this one language. Besides, books are translated too etc...
  7. No, I apologize that it was understood that way. What I was going for was the potential reasoning behind the overuse of "Madonna phrases". I would never discriminate on the basis of language, especially since English isn't my mother tongue either. I would just prefer them saying nothing than abusing a quote in an inappropriate and/or stupid context. Even saying it in their own language would be fine, since Google Translate helps in 90% of the cases.
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  8. This is something I'll never understand. I remember coming across someone once who was both a hardcore Madonna stan and...a hardcore Trump supporter? The cognitive dissonance was stunning
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  9. Also....

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  10. Mr.Arroz

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    This tickled me far too much dddd
  11. Let’s not forget her Roman Polanski support or her bizarre Michael Jackson obsession now. No one should really be surprised anymore.
  12. I think her support of these people who should not supported is a result of her being defensive about how people come at her and try to shut her up. She probably conflates the situations, which certainly is an error on her part. I feel like she would see these things more clearly if she'd stop thinking about herself for a minute.
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  14. "I have a spiritual side, believe it or not". This must be sarcasm, cuz how could any of us forget Madonna: The Kabbalah Years?
  15. Is the Q&A being released today? *renews Paramount free trial on backup email*
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