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Madonna - Madame X Tour & Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Yeah last row of Royal Circle was great. I could stand when I wanted without blocking anyone and had great view of everything when seated.

    Not over this. Don’t want to make anyone who got a cancellation feel any worse though ddd.

    The Tour Programme is £25(!) but is that absolutely stunning book someone posted a reveal video of a few weeks back. Amazing volume and glad I bought it.
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  2. I was seated in the back orchestra at my show and the seats were great except for a column partially obstructing the view. Thankfully nobody had purchased seats right behind the mix desk (probably because they thought it’d be an obstructed view), so we just moved up nn
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  3. Oh, Guy was in the audience?
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  4. Maluma's lip syncing is terrible. It really is a sexist double standard that Madonna's vocals get put under the spotlight as much as they do when there are so many terrible male vocalists out there.
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  5. It sounds like he's singing over the track? He has a very husky live voice.
  6. Except for the bits where his lips don't move but there's his voice.
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  7. aux


    Oh fuck, I completely forgot to mention the brilliant opening act.

    Members of her band came out and played fado music, including versions of Madonna songs which had the entire audience singing along. What a way to set the scene for the world of Madame X.

    Honestly, this woman’s mind will never fail to amaze me.
  8. What time does this band come on?
  9. aux


    I had no sense of time, but we got inside the theatre at 7. I’d like to say around 7:30?
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  10. Sorry to bang on but I was surprised at how well Killers translates live. I’d completely forgotten about the song and when she did it it was actually one of my highlights.
  11. This post has made me very emotional for Thursday.
    I'm so happy everyone who went last night loved it.
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  12. Me seeing @Vasilios walk past me when I was queueing at Lisbon teas.
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  13. Turns out I was actually stood behind @dodoriazarbon in the merchandise queue as well but I was too busy stressing about getting a tanqueray in time (the queue to get programmes was huge).
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  14. Re-Booked for this Thursday. Bought new train ticket and arranged another two nights at my mates.

    My nerves.
  15. I’m high key glad you didn’t make yourself known cause I had NO voice and even when I asked people the time/for a drink they were like WHAT?! SAY THAT AGAIN?!
    I think I managed to squeak along to the songs but it can’t have been pleasant for a woman beside me.
  16. Very jealous of those that have seen the show, but chuffed at the same time for yous.
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  17. That clip of Come Alive on her insta has just ended me. Such a powerful moment, it was so incredible to witness it live.

    I don’t know if anyone has seen The Inheritance but it kinda reminded me of the end of Part 1 where all the spirits emerged from the house and stood together. SHES SO THEATRE I CANT.
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  18. Every single email I send to the [email protected] to win tickets is being sent back to me as 'undeliverable' like a day later. Outlook is saying the problem is on their end.

    Anyone else had the same issue?
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