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Madonna - Madame X Tour & Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I don’t think the show was recorded in its entirety, but there’s about an hours worth of footage on YouTube I believe. Honestly, I haven’t touched the Rebel Heart DVD in years and tend to just stick to fan edits online. I’m praying that the Madame X Tour won’t make the same mistakes, but I’m now more worried about the editing they may make to her vocals now after they re-uploaded the BBMA performance of “Medellín”.
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  2. It's not the vocals I really care about. The dubbed Sticky & Sweet stuff sounded alright for me (if anything, it made the experience more enjoyable), but the color grading on Rebel Heart was beyond scary. It's like they added every single setting they had in that software.
  3. Agree with @Like A Prayer - the bar was quite busy and the merchandise queue was huge. She also seems to be taking the curfew rule very seriously.
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  4. I don’t care about them over dubbing the vocals, I care about how well they do it, and the BBMA re-upload sounded really off to me. And yes, the colours they used on the Rebel Heart DVD were bizarre and the transitions and effects just took away any intimacy the tour had.
  5. On the new upload of the Billboard performance they just raised the volume of her vocals, that in the first version were just buried under the backing track. I read all the drama about the new upload on Infinity and I really don’t get it.
  6. So, wait, on the nights at which she's skipping the intro
    Is this a new thing for Europe... erhhmm... Britain? I don't recall any of this in Brooklyn.
  7. aux


    Seems like it's on the 2nd consecutive night. We got the full show, bar Crave, and it was the first show after a day of rest.
    You are aware the UK is still a European country? It's just not part of the EU.
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  8. Bring back Crave woman. Original that is.
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  9. It's been done at some shows before the show starts. Sort of an opening act.

  10. Link?
  11. They also did in Lisbon, and as far as I know also during the US leg.

  12. Sorry I can’t find all the songs on YouTube
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  13. Actually there were signs outside the venue that said they were going to film the show, the camera angles are different from what it was on the screens. But in the end we knew she was going to film Miami for the bluray as it was posted last minute on the official website.
  14. Yeah I "get" that the rest of the show is great, and she sings everything except Crave (remix) BUT Act 1 God Control is the way the show is MEANT to start - I just cannot understand why she would scrap Act 1.
    I know her knee is f*cked and her hips are f*cked - but scrap songs midway through the show - not Act 1.

    Rant over.
  15. aux


    They scrapped Act 1 because it’s the most dance heavy. There is no point in cutting songs from the middle of the show if you’re already tired from the start in Act 1.
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  16. My bestie saw two shows in LA and he said yes Human Nature is dance heavy - but he said God Control is not? Couldn't she just not dance like a Crazy Mama for Human Nature for these last few shows?
  17. “Human Nature” takes place entirely in this thing


    It’s not really an option for her not to dance in it because the projection and light cues revolve around what she’s doing in it. And she’s running up and down the steps for “God Control”
  18. Fair enough. That looks painful and I am 42!

    I guess I love God Control and Human Nature - so I would be very disappointed if my show was the "short" show.
  19. Anyone know any details on the actual injury? Specificities and such?

    Also, yes it's sad for her to cut the first act - it's my first time seeing her after 10 years of standom so not seeing Human Nature smarts slightly - but the opening run of:

    I Don't Search, I Find
    American Life decimates the f*g.
  20. LTG


    Night tube’s only on some lines on Friday and Saturday, but as long as M’s done by 11ish you’ll have absolutely no problem getting back.
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