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Madonna - Madame X Tour & Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. When the tour and the venues were first announced, I imagined an elaborate variation on Tears of a Clown. I figured half the set list would be the new album and half would be mostly deep cuts like X-Static Process or Mer Girl or Easy Ride. Something that said, “these are small venues so they better be filled with the most devoted fans because I ain’t playing Holiday.” To be sure, this is still a pretty uningratiating show for the GP.
  2. You only see what your eyes want to see
    And with Madonna locking away our phones at her concert at the London Palladeum yesterday evening, I had no choice but to soak it all in.
    Anyone thinking the smaller, residency venue, would find Madonna giving us a smaller show than the usual arenas, would be sadly mistaken.
    She whisked us off to a world completely under her control, as she raged about American Life, introduced us to the fabulous Batukas, and asked us simply to Come Alive.
    I'm both astonished and ecstatic I got to witness this Madame X Fantasy, from a woman with still has so much to say and completly in her prime, I couldn't help my tears by the shows end.

    My Queen Of Pop
  3. LTG


    Yeah I almost cried at Like a Prayer.
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  4. Almost, rebel no heart
  5. The people I mentioned are all quite well known, even if they are not massive stars.
  6. i_absolutely_am_every_night.gif
  7. Why is she tagging Eminem in her latest insta post?
  8. The track “Darkness” off his new album samples S&G's “Sounds of Silence”, which is still a weird reason to tag him, I guess
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  9. It’s my Madame X day. Perched for whatever iconic messiness is to happen tonight!
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  10. ew gross
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  11. Hope you enjoy!
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  12. Have an amazing time. Actually considering getting a ticket for tonight as well...
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  13. Graham Norton was the beer bitch tonight. Apparently it was one of the best shows of the tour.
  14. An audience member asked her to sign something and she replied ‘Madame X doesn’t sign shit’ ddddd
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  15. Screaming.
  16. I can see the image of Madonna looking at the pen with contempt.
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  17. Love it!

    And 08-Feb show was the full show again?
  18. I don’t know a better PERSON/QUEEN.
  19. I love her
  20. I love how Madame X keeps the basic locals gasping for breath.
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