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Madonna - Madame X Tour & Film

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. It completely blew my mind last night, I had my head in my hands weeping throughout in sheer disbelief haha. The whole show was just incredible.
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  2. You need to drop this friend from your circle immediately.
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  3. Every time I listen to Frozen now it takes me back to watching it. So beautiful.
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  4. Bought Maluma Golden Circle to treat me over my show being cancelled.

    Feels appropriate.
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  5. Well last night was pretty magical. I've not seen the full show but you'd never know that Vogue wasn't supposed to be the opener - it worked so well and it was lovely hearing her sing it live. American Life was my absolute highlight of the show though, I was just blown away by that live.

    Madame X really comes over well in a live setting and I was so impressed by how they used the stage and defined the space throughout. It was so much more than I was expecting.
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  6. Please do God Control tonight Madonna.

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  7. If the pattern she’s followed for the past couple of weeks continues then she should do the full show tonight. I’m there tonight too. Already beside myself!
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    Tonight will be my second Madonna concert. The 1st was the Reinvention tour at Wembley. I was half way back then, could barely see anything and went through a range of emotions, from depression to nonchalance. Whatching I'm Going to Tell You a Secret later was like seeing a completely different show - was amazing, so much better than being there (in my seat) and one of my favourite tours of hers.

    So after that I said I would never bother again unless I could get decent seats. So finally tonight (and again tomorrow) I'm gonna be there, row G, centre, in the stalls and on my own cause my friends were like no to spending 500. But it will be worth every penny to finnaly see mums eyes and be so close to the culmination of 1000's of years of human evolution.
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  9. Fuck me, she was phenomenal tonight. My first time seeing her but vocally she was literally immaculate. The Madame X songs come alive - pun fully intended - on stage and her use of her past hits is nothing short of masterful.

    Gwendoline Christie was the beer bitch tonight and I managed to have a chat with Gemma Collins too.
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    I'm dazed. That was more than I could even imagine.

    I rarely cry in life (just funerals, when I watched the Notebook, and films where mothers die) but during Dark Ballet my eyes started welling up, actual tears formed during the final "wasn't lost" in extreme occident, as well as other times throughout that beautiful work of art that I was privalleged and blessed to have experienced. I couldn't stop dancing throughout but fully lost control during Medellín which was probably my favourite moment of a show were every moment was gold.

    I've generally avoided this thread so as not to spoil the show for me so I was extatic each time another song from Madame X was performed as I didn't fully know the set list.

    I could go on about the content of the show and my feelings but I'm sure people have already expressed their love of this show far better than I could.

    I was somewhat (at first) outraged though by the row of at least 6 basic trash sitting in front of me. Why spend ££££££ to come see Madame X when the last of her records you bothered to listen to was the Immaculate Collection - they didn't even know Frozen!?! And why at post 50 years old can you not drink sensibly and behave respectfully. One of the women started singing why are we waiting like a 5 year old bratty girl before the show started, another (obese) hag was saying that Mum had a fat face when she 1st came out on stage.

    Throughout the first 1/3 of the show they were moaning and not getting any of it whilst the geriatric gays with them were stiff grey and lifeless. Thankfully by the middle of the Fado section Madame x had beaten them into a state of confusion that they generally shut down and looked defeated. The obese one left which was amazing as I then had space opened up in front of me to bask in the radience of our Lord and saviour. The other hags looked totally baffled and confused occasionally saying things like what's going on? what's she saying? I don't understand!
    At this point I actually found them quite hilariously pitiful as they spent all that money really just to see Like A Prayer - the only time they (well one) actually "danced" a bit.

    I cannot wait to see it all again tomorrow.
  11. I'm most excited for the recording because I absolutely adore the version of Future she performed.

    Surprised not more people have raved about Crazy. Top 3 of the night for me.
  12. She was astounding tonight. Magical.

    Sat in my seat and knowing 9pm had come and gone I was convinced we were getting the short version of the show, but we got the full thing (minus Crave). She finished at about 11.20, way past the curfew.

    Need some time to fully process it all, but my initial highlights:

    The roar when the lights went down was spine tingling.
    God Control brought the house down.
    Human Nature had everyone singing.
    Vogue was incredible.
    American Life was absolute fire!
    Medellin had everyone on their feet.
    The arrangement of Crazy is better than the album version.
    Frozen is out of this world.
    Like A Prayer is my favourite song of all time. I cried.
    I Rise is so emotional.

    What a show.

    Echoing the thoughts of a few others, it’s a shame how utterly wasted some people were. The two guys next to me had clearly had quite a few when they sat down. They were constantly getting up for more beers during the show (they had another six each during the show) until they left during the Fado section. What a waste. I was there by myself, and they tried a few times to get me to have beers with them. I declined.

    Their nonsense was more than cancelled out by a fabulous woman behind me who’d been a fan since 1986 but this was the first time she’d ever seen her in concert. She knew nothing of the set list prior to the show. I will never forget the sheer scream of joy she let out when Vogue started with the “what are you looking at” line!

    I think this may well be her best tour. I loved it.
  13. the part where you had to call the girl an obese hag was pretty disgusting

    sorry their behavior was so annoying though and glad you enjoyed!
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    You're right actually, when I was writing that it felt wrong to label her that way, despite not intending my use of the word obese to be an insult, I was just so confused that she would insult Madonna's face and appearance in such a hypoctical manner.

    I should also add that the term geriatric doesn't really sit well on reflection and so shouldn't really have been used. I could edit my post to correct this but Instead I will leave it as a reminder to myself to do better in future.
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  15. “Crazy” is a stunning performance and sounds amazing with the live strings and band.
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  16. The buzz about last night is everywhere, I really wish I’d got a seat.
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  17. I was at Wednesday’s show and as some others have been saying, I can’t believe people pay all that money to see Madonna and then get so wasted before the show has even started, 3 different women had all left or been removed very early on.
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  18. When I went on the 1st there was a woman outside in tears because she’d been refused entry due to being hammered.
  19. Seeing Madonna in such a small venue last night was a little unnerving for me for some reason, I am so used to being dazzled by her arena shows.

    I think the highlight of this tour is that after years of watching from a dazzled distance that we get to know her a little bit. I have always connected with her slight awkwardness and attempts at being funny (I find her funny but I think most people don't)

    Madame X was such a left-field risky album for her to put out, I can see why only fans have time for it. If you are not invested in her you just won't get it.

    Highlights for me were Batuka (she looked happiest during that song), Come Alive and Frozen (although I would have preferred Lola in the background!), no curfew either which was great as she was cutting it very fine.

    Whenever I see her I can't take my eyes off her, I don't want to dance I am just fixated on her all night. I keep thinking....'Fuck there she is in the flesh, a total lifetime of obsession for me is right there on that stage'.

    (The crowd were......Jesus! many people have said I do not get why you would spend a small fortune and get completely pissed before and during, what's the point, get drunk afterwards or just go to the pub. Lots of people clearly made an effort you really have to turn up in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt as if you have rolled out of bed?....anyway I'll stop)

    It reminded me of the horror Chris Lowe felt (from Literally) when he saw the crowd arriving at a PSB concert once in the early days, they were not what he was expecting!
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  20. I think this is a UK phenomenon....I don’t think you get that at gigs outside the UK (to that extent anyway).
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