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Madonna - Madame X Tour (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. YES! But I’ve only had the bounce back email today, meaning I’ve been wasting my time since the London shows started.

    It’s a con...
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  2. Coupled with the fact that they seem to have ignored all the winners of the soundcheck thing, it does look a bit strange.

    Sent a help request to Live Nation & her website, hopefully they get it fixed since it's my only hope of seeing the show!
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  3. What a show. Nothing prepared me for it.


    She didn't do the God Control act.

    "It's the Super Bowl tonight... we all know mine was best"

    "I open my show with a quote from... I sometimes open my show with a quote from"

    The Yondr pouch spiky thing stabbed into my thumb and cut me as I was leaving though ddd
  4. RJF


    Why is this detail getting me though? Like, she's so unique in the fact that she barely ever actually directly interacts with fans, so it's great that when it does happen, it's simply someone expressing our collective gratitude for what a goddamn trooper she is and not some hysterical story about Ray of Light getting someone through their first anal bleaching. Honestly, more, "You're doing great and thanks for everything!" and less douche signings in the new decade please!
  5. So I ended up buying a last minute ticket for tonight’s show as mine (4th) was cancelled. I’m so so happy that I did, what a fucking show. There were tears during Frozen and Like A Prayer, I was in absolute awe. It was my first ever Madonna show too so it meant even more. Will I sleep tonight? Probably not.
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  6. mpl


    Same. But friends not using Outlook don’t seem to have had an issue...hmm. I only got the bounce back today though, so it was ok for the entries prior to yesterday for me.
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  7. aux


    Honestly, I’m still thinking about it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget last night.
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  8. Was she late? Otherwise it’s clear she can’t do the opening act (the more demanding, dancing wise) two nights in a row. Glad you had a great time!
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  9. She came on after 9.
  10. Madame X demands a blood sacrifice.
  11. I think it's a 2nd night thing rather than a timing thing - she was on at 9:10 according to the lady in front's watch - so I think she has the end time set, and then every consecutive night show she just doesn't do God Control - Dark Ballet - Human Nature.

    It's still such a long show though that it doesn't feel like anything is cut.

    A man a few rows down (called Justin) who was very drunk left after 4 songs because she didn't do God Control. He'll regret that in the morning!

    I cried at Frozen. What a moment. Words honestly don't do justice for the whole show, let alone this moment. I really hope the DVD does justice to the show.
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  12. I just...
  13. It's pretty clear to me that she can't do the first act (the most demanding for her body) two nights in a row. It's not a decision they make 5 minutes befeore going on stage because they need to re-program lights, projections, music cues etc. So it's not cut because she's late. Crave was cut for the same reason, but it was at the end of the show when she's probably very tired and tha's why it's now out for good.
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  14. Imagine having Madonna wish you dead to your face.

    You may as well die, because life has peaked right there.
  15. It was a beautiful moment. Sure the fact he was Scottish was relatable but it was more that he came prepared to shell out for that Polaroid purely to tell her and the whole theatre that she WAS a trooper and that we all fucking loved what she was doing - and that we all respected her. She barely spoke during the exchange itself, it was just lovely.

    Sorry to those who missed the opening act but yeah I guess if cutting it keeps her going then cool.
  16. OK so if she skips the God Control act - what does the show open with?
    The Madame X Manifesto and Vogue?
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  17. She didn’t lie.
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  18. Yep starts from there. I was looking forward to God Control but to be honest there’s is enough (more than enough) for the rest of it that you don’t feel you’re missing out.

    I’ve been up close to her at concerts before (touching distance at Manchester). Had royal circle seats last night and honestly felt I was even closer to her. The venue is amazing and she’s uses it brilliantly. But I’ve never seen her as relaxed or unguarded before- it’s half of what makes the whole thing so special.

    It was awesome.
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  19. I'd be offended if anybody else said this, but it's Madonna and honestly she ain't lying.
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