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Madonna - Madame X Tour (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. LPT


    Does anyone know if there is an exclusive London t-shirt on sale at the shows and what the print is of ? I got the Lisbon one which is black hair, blue tiles and leaning toward guitar pic.
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  2. This is your wake up call.

    I'm planning my Thursday in London, what time do I need to be in the theatre for the band?
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  3. I think it’s that pic, with “London” printed. Or it’s one from that shoot anyway.
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  4. Oh, my god.

    I guess she never forgot when the French booed her in 2012.
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  5. Every "city" shirt has the same design
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  6. Was that one of the reasons why most of the Paris footage was scrapped for the MDNA Tour DVD?
  7. She was funny and not mean at all. It's funny how almost 40 years later her fans (not talking about you but who wrote the report) still don't get her sense of humour.

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  8. She replaced the audience noise on the DVD, so I don’t think getting booed would have mattered. Paris was likely never meant to be the main location featured, because there were only singular dates there and she always needs at least two.
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  9. I really like most of the footage that’s online for Paris, probably just because it’s not so over edited. It was a very messy recording process. I remember reading she came on very late the second night in Miami so a lot of people left, which contributed to the added in crowd cheering.
  10. Are you referring to the Olympia footage? There’s a Miami-only edit of the show, but she wanted to use footage from all the shows so they overhauled it.
  11. I wanna know how many songs they do!

    Also I’m super stoked that I essentially booked my accommodation with a very limited knowledge of London and I’m 6-8 minutes away on the tube with no changes!
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  12. While queuing (45 minutes) for a programme I heard the band do Don’t Tell Me, also heard Like A Virgin as their last song!
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  13. Her band’s Who’s That Girl honestly made me tear up a bit. It’s my first single as super stan (after being a fan 85/86) so will always be special.
  14. aux


    They did Secret, Who's That Girl, Don't Tell Me and Like A Virgin. They also had some fado songs in between each of these. It was really good.
  15. We’re staying at a friends in Shadwell. I hope the night underground’s are running.
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  16. I was referring to the pro-shot footage at the Stade de France show. It’s completely raw but I do prefer the simplicity of the footage as opposed to the DVD.
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  17. For those who went to the London show - what time is a good time to arrive? I mean I was thinking of getting there at 8:30 as it’s all preallocated seating, is there any reason to arrive earlier?
  18. Oh yeah that’s just the in-house footage from the screens, I believe.
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  19. Is the full State de France show available anywhere? I'd love to properly watch it as the DVD is way too over-edited for my taste, same goes for Rebel Heart that somehow managed to be way worse.
  20. Show is due to start at 8.30. Announcement of it “starting soon” at about 8.40 on Saturday, started about 8.50. The band playing beforehand are well worth seeing too. I’d get there 7.30/8.00?
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