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Madonna - Madame X Tour (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. What day were you going?
    Go to Crazy Horse sis.
  2. 25th.

    Only thing that makes me angry is that her team is not able to inform the fans via official accounts etc besides the website. Drop that bomb on us if you have to but don’t put us through searching for an actual confirmation.

    Also I am in Paris from Saturday to Thursday so there will be chances, just a shitload of reorganization.
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  3. You can see Lana I guess - sold out too but am sure Ticketswap can come through.
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  4. Going in Berlin but as I said - our night in Paris will not be a sad one.
  5. Make sure you go to Rosa Bonheur on Sunday you'll love it.
  6. Looks like Madonna was at Tate Modern yesterday and I am screaming cause I was there yesterday too but thankfully didn‘t see her.

    Imagine running into her there and having to be silent.
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  7. Tate Modern is such a huge place I feel like it's hard to get a hold of it - it's exhausting. I'm not sure I'd had recognized her browsing a Man Ray.
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  8. mpl


    Also she went on the night of a cancelled show which is slightly problematic...

    In terms of refunds, for London it took less than a week and I got all fees etc. back automatically.
  9. No it’s not.

    This isn’t something like Sam Smith cancelling one of their concerts because of a ‘sore throat’ and that they’ve been advised to not sing and then he’s seen at a karaoke bar the same night singing
  10. Okay not as bad but still questionable.
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  11. I believe it’s going to be empty on the 23rd considering that both Madonna and Lana are going to have shows that evening. Cut to me dancing on my own on the dance floor.
  12. Stan Robyn a biT.
  13. That's even better as the bitter bears and the twinky exhibitionists will be absent.
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  14. LPT


    Her climbing stairs with a cane and dancing around at a Lisbon Living Room session was a bit much.
  15. What a shit show. It’s an easy step to refund everybody who bought something. As if it’s not enough disappointment already.
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  16. I'm going tonight.

    I still think she'll turn up on stage at 10:55, sing Hey You and tell us all to fuck off as the curtain comes down.
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  17. I’m also going tonight and am totally perched for an iconic mess.
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  18. Is this now the first tour where there's a canceled show for every 3 that go ahead?
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  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Madge coming for that 75% completion rate like me with every video game I've ever owned.
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