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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. ?!
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  2. I also paid $500 to be in that same spot. But the two people next to me bought the same (even closer) seats for $90 on the day :/
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  3. Oh my God Palladium will be amazing when do tickets go on sale?!
  4. Me spending £6000 in the hope that I can see the outline of Maluma's cock

  5. aux


    We don’t know, dates get announced today but I’m guessing pre-sale starts on Wednesday, and general sale on Friday.
  6. Ok thank you! Oh God hate when tickets sales happen when I'm at work as I can't get on a computer or anything and they will all be gone by lunch!!
  7. Just looking at the one-on/one-off pattern for the rumoured New York dates - is there any chance she'll be chucking in some larger gigs instead, does anyone wonder? So in keeping with the Tears of a Clown set-up? He said, hopefully....
  8. Lots of people had left by the end of my show too. Maybe about 1/5th of the entire arena? If I remember correctly she was three or so hours late and still playing past 1am.
  9. LPT


    They turned the lights on and the sound off at the Glasgow show I was at. I'm surprised they let her play so late!
  10. I’ve seen Madonna twice and twice she has appeared late and I haven’t gotten the full show. She is brilliant, worth every penny. But it is so frustrating when I think of the lengths and sacrifices I go to see her sometimes and that’s what you get. I’m a minimum wage gay hello! - that’s besides the point but STILL
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  11. She was like 15 mins late at Glasgow, it wasn’t bad at all. Hydro turning the lights on and sound off was a power move to remind her not to fuck with venues and crowds as she is prone to. And she should know better.
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    It was Iconic to see her do Holiday mute. The sound must have still been in her ear pieces.
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  13. After Manchester's Rebel Heart show ,where the show was cut 45 mins due to her being late, I vowed that I wouldn't pay to see her again....must keep reminding myself over the next not give in.
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  14. I payed £500 for that privledge also
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  15. Some of you didn’t stan Anastacia’s Paid My Dues and it shows.
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  16. Yeah, I adore Madonna but the running late thing is so damn disrespectful to all those paying to see your show. Maybe 10 or even 30 minutes, but 3-4 hours? No excuse.
  17. Nothing about Anastacia was ever stannable.
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  18. If it’s a residency hopefully lateness won’t be an issue this time. I can relate, I was there, I was fuming, but I definitely need to see her again.
  19. The lateness is actually the one things she does I can’t abide. Luckily never experienced it but I don’t know what I’d do with a 3 hour wait? Like.. that should equal a cancelled show... and money back SURELY? I can’t quite fathom it.

    Like I kii about most of her more outrageous behaviour but it’s beyond a joke, and indefensible.
  20. Let’s be real, amazing or not nobody is worth that wait. I’m a trashy girl who likes to go to the local gay club after a show. Going on stage a few hours late throws a wrench in everyone’s plans. Especially those who have work the next day. And her icon status does not excuse it. She can charge any price she wants but be on time queen
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