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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. LPT


    Can you post the story here ? It's behind a paywall.
  2. “If you need to be there, you’re going to pay almost anything.”

    ...drag me
  3. How the f*ck do PJ fans know she's dropped Rescue Me and Frozen?

    Have people heard the dress rehearsals from outside the Brooklyn venue?
  4. I have no idea where the talk of “Frozen” is coming from. There’s no mention of it anywhere. Only “Rescue Me” was reported, from someone who has ties to her team/was at the friends and family show.
  5. For the dummy (me!) where was it mentioned Rescue Me has been dropped?

  6. If you search the headline and click on the link from Google (top stories) you should be able to read it! I think this usually works for most stories.
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  7. Of course she dropped Rescue Me, it was too good to be true. But I'm happy for the 3 locals in the audience who will enjoy La Isla Bonita for the millionth time in a different arrangement.
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  8. When Madonna kicks off her new tour Tuesday, she’ll also be debuting a new ticket-pricing strategy: Smaller shows at higher prices.

    The 61-year-old pop-music pioneer, who holds the record for the highest-grossing concert tour by a woman, is planning her 11th tour around theaters, smaller venues than the arenas that dominated previous tours. And fans will be paying more, especially at the high end.

    Long one of the concert industry’s biggest acts, Madonna will open her latest tour, called “Madame X,” at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, which seats 2,100 people—a fraction of the roughly 20,000 capacity of New York’s Madison Square Garden, where she played two shows four years ago on her last tour.

    The prices will be higher: Around $300 on average, according to Arthur Fogel, Madonna’s longtime tour promoter and the president of global touring at Live Nation, the world’s biggest concert promoter. That’s up from about $160 for the last tour, according to Pollstar, a concert-industry trade publication.

    The rise is due largely to an increase at the higher end. Tickets for “Madame X” start at about $50 for the cheapest seats, not much more than her last tour. But she’s charging roughly $750 for the costliest non-VIP tickets, not including fees—substantially higher than the $350 tickets on her last three tours, according to Mr. Fogel. VIP packages, which can include perks like pre-show receptions and backstage tours, reach as high as about $2,000.

    “Madonna’s going to charge you what the market says those tickets are worth—and then, at the same time, she’s keeping her cheap seats,” says Bill Werde, a former editor of Billboard magazine and the director of Syracuse University’s Bandier music-industry program. “I actually think this is a brilliant example of understanding the market.”

    Madonna declined a request for an interview.

    The “Material Girl” singer’s ticket prices reflect a growing comfort among superstars with charging more-affluent fans what they can bear. While some holdouts like Ed Sheeran are keeping concert prices relatively low, stars from Jay-Z to Taylor Swift have been raising ticket prices in recent years, accentuating a trend that began when profits on recorded music were squeezed by digital forces like piracy, downloads and streaming.

    By making premium tickets more expensive, superstars capture ticket-sales revenue that might otherwise go to scalpers, who snatch up desirable seats, mark them up and flip them for profit. The downside is expensive tickets can take longer to sell and prevent instant sellouts. “Fans are paying these prices no matter what,” Mr. Werde says. “I would prefer to see the money go to the legitimate music industry rather than to scalpers.”

    To compensate for the smaller venues, and satisfy the still-sizeable demand for her elaborate shows, Madonna is embarking on a series of extended runs in 11 U.S. and European cities, including 17 shows in Brooklyn and 15 in London. It amounts to something like a string of residencies, when stars play one venue in Las Vegas or elsewhere for a period of time.

    Performing multiple small shows in one city can reduce stage set-up and take-down costs, which are typically borne by artists themselves, out of the fees they receive from concert promoters. These lower costs, in turn, pad profit margins.

    Historically, residencies were mostly associated with past-their-peak performers. But that idea has faded. Today’s hip-hop stars, for instance, often see Vegas residencies as a sign of clout, not career decline. And Bruce Springsteen ’s “Springsteen on Broadway”—a twist on the residency model—proved artists could use residencies to offer something different. At the same time, aging acts like the Rolling Stones are opting for short stints of touring rather than stationary residencies or grueling global treks.

    “There’s not just one way to do this anymore,” Mr. Werde says. “You’re starting to see [older stars] doing what they want to do—what makes sense for their lives.”

    Some fans have groused about Madonna’s high prices on social media. But for others, seeing Madonna in a theater for the first time may justify the expense, experts say. The average ticket price for “Springsteen on Broadway”—also an intimate theater affair—was $506, according to Pollstar.

    “Especially in the wake of Springsteen and ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway, I don’t think they need to be concerned about blowback,” says Larry Miller, who heads the music-business program at New York University’s Steinhardt School. “Fans will understand this is a super-special event.”

    Some 98% of Madonna’s Brooklyn tickets have been sold, as of last Thursday, according to Mr. Fogel.

    “There’s virtually zero risk of unsold inventory,” New York University’s Mr. Miller says. “If you need to be there, you’re going to pay almost anything.”
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  9. My boss just approved my time off requests for the Miami show. I'm so excited to read reviews from opening night!
  10. Fabulous!
    I love South Beach.
  11. Is it just me that thinks she’s kept Rescue Me out of the dress rehearsal to surprise fans on opening night? Or maybe it’s one of the songs in rotation for the ‘spontaneous’ section.
  12. Readin this heartbroken and makes me wonder where do you guys follow the news\rumors from the show apart Popjustice itself. I used to check Infinity sometimes because of the audio section and then just lurk around a little but no idea if there are some other boards that are... good dd.
  13. RJF


    Cutting "Rescue Me" for some comedy... Madame X is a literal clown.
  14. Maybe she will alternate?
  15. I am disgusted.
    I’m turning my back to the stage when she performs La Isla Bonita.
    Are you with me sisters?
  16. I didn't hate La Isla at the Rebel Heart show BUT she does over-do it. It's her 'Kids'.
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  17. I will take another La Isla Bonita over some stupid comedy.
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  18. Madame X says you’ll get both

  19. What are the scalpers (ahem, official Verified Resale Ticket-holders) holding out for at this stage? For some of the nights in the Brooklyn, the majority of the available tickets are actually resale tickets being held at prices as high as $950+/ticket. Is there really going to be enough of a market to offload them at the last minute at drastically reduced prices? It's just bumming me out that there could be large patches of seats remaining empty because these idiot resellers thought they'd still get this much for the tickets with just days until some of these shows. And there are still plenty of the 'standard' tickets are these insanely inflated prices, too. It's time for everyone to swallow their pride and get this theatre filled. These prices don't seem that dynamic.
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