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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

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  3. It's underrated because it's never been performed and was sandwiched between Vogue and what Erotica would become so a lot of people have been wanting her to pay it its due and feel duped. Because you don't think it is, doesn't mean it isn't a good song? Opinions, girl.
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    I relistened to “Rescue Me” this morning and phew, iconic. The husky drawl of the spoken word verses followed by the Oscar the GrouCH croaking of the chorus. It’s camp.
  5. I don’t care what anyone says, La Isla Bonita is one of my favorite songs ever and I’ll gladly enjoy her perform it as many times and on as many tours as she wants.
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  6. Madonna will do what she wants , as she always does.

    Any casuals forking out £500+ will be annoyed by the lack of 'classics' but as a Madonna stan I'm perfectly happy just to see the majority of the new album performed live.
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  7. I love it, too. Every tour performance of it has been fabulous.

    It's disappointing about Rescue Me (if true). It has camp, it has theatricality, it has vocals.

    But I'm sure the show is going to be amazing. I don't think it's quite dawned on me that

    a) people are going to get to see her in a theatre;

    b) she is not coming to Canada (yet).
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  8. Well the fact that she's doing Express Yourself over La Isla Bonita/Frozen/Rescue Me is criminal. I can't stand that song! Hope she will keep Easy Ride in.
  9. Where are we getting this info?
  10. Someone said it a page or two back on here.
  11. Did they do away with the 10$ tickets idea?
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. *looks to upgrade ticket*
  14. Are any of you clowns going to the first show?
    Do we have a legit insider who can send info via the carrier pigeons from the Crave video?
  15. That wasn't serious nn
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  16. I said it was just my opinion. I can see the similarity with Justify My Love and Erotica in that it has a large spoken part. That’s one of the reasons it’s not my favorite. I prefer songs with her singing not speaking.
  17. She’s sanging all over “Rescue Me”
  18. Huh? Ok.
  19. What time is she due on stage tonight?

    (I’m well aware this means nothing when it comes to Madonna, but it’s be nice to know a rough timeline)
  20. She’s not going to do La Isla Bonita. An insider said that the last minute change was Track 7 from the critically acclaimed and fan favorite album MDNA.
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