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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. At Rebel Heart on the 1st Dec, I went to get a drink at 9:10, fully expecting her to be 30- 40 mins late. Imagine my shock when she came on and I’d barely left my seat.
  2. RJF


    The first time I saw her on the MDNA Tour she had to cut the show for time, but we only lost "I'm A Sinner", "I'm Addicted", and that forty minute "Like A Virgin" lament (I don't think she had started doing "Love Spent" in that section yet.) and despite my seats being terrible I got my life.

    Her getting cut off in Glasgow on the last tour was odd. She started at around 9:20 which is perfectly reasonable so I don't understand why they were so strict about it.
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  3. Miss thing has had the luxury of being the boss in faceless corporate stadiums all around the world. If she thinks the lateness diva tricks will work in the West End she needs to have a rethink. Those theatre queens are savage. They’ll call time, send their staff home and open the fire exits.
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  4. If she reads this, she WILL make West End queens wait for 3 hours just for the kii of it.

    Madame X is a troll.
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  5. I remember during MDNA the doors opened I think at 7 and she didn't come on until 10. Everyone got excited every time the curtain moved, the opening act and when some crew came out to mope and wipe the triangle.
  6. If it says on the ticket "show starts at 8:00", then it doesn't mean "Madonna will be on stage at 8:00". It means there is (often) an opening act first and then Madonna gets on stage afterwards. So if she comes on stage at 9:30, then it doesn't mean that she is 1.5 hours late. If she comes on stage at 11:00, then it also doesn't mean that she is 3 hours late - BUT that said, it is unacceptable to come on stage THAT late.
    When I saw her in Mannheim for Rebel Heart, she came on stage at 11:15 because of logistical problems (she had a show in Belgium the night before). So she wasn't sitting backstage sipping champagne, she was actually stuck in traffic (or some parts of the stage were missing or something). I felt bad for her and for the crowd tbh.
  7. I got my life at the Hyde Park MDNA show. I couldn’t at people complaining they couldn’t see or hear anything because that just wasn’t my experience at all.
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  8. Ha...and those theatre queens will play the “union” card and pull the show just to say they did it.
    Petty AF
  9. I’d say 99% of people are aware that most of the time the time on the ticket isn’t when they’ll be on stage but every other artist manages to come onto the stage between 8.30 and 9.30 so coming on at 10 or 11 generally would be classed as being late.
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  10. I know a whole bunch of people that got caught out by this at Kylie. Girl was timely.
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  11. I was almost about to mention that Kylie was the exception at Golden. 8pm sharp!
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  12. 7 shows for New York (BAM Howard Gilman opera House) in September, 4 for Chicago at the Chicago theatre in October and 5 for LA at The Wiltern in November.
  13. They aren’t petty, they are absolutely right to do so. They are doing a job and want to go home. They can’t get drunk with friends or whatever. I know you may have been cheeky but it really is nothing but annoying for people who actually work in those places.
  14. So just three residencies in the US with massive gaps between? So I guess a month in each city is going to be the plan? This is all so strange.
  15. I was amazed when I saw Madonna's first show in Sydney on the 'Rebel Heart' tour after decades of waiting for the chance to experience her perform live that she came on stage comparatively on time. I'd read all the stories over the years about couldn't believe I'd lucked out with such a punctual start. The crowd was electric and Madonna was, of course, amazing. Then the following night, she was hours late and after chastising the crowd for being restless seemed to take delight in saying that she would stretch the show out for as long as she liked. It was a thrill to have the tour filmed in my city that night after such a long absence from Aussie shores, but so much of her 'banter' was mercifully excised from it. The goodwill slowly evaporated throughout the set. There were lots of pursed lips and crossed arms by the time Madge was strumming her way through a superfluous Edith Piaf cover at 2AM...

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  16. Can some people just be patient enough to get the rest of the dates, instead of such wild speculation? I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a dozen+ dates every month, including Europe and Asia. I just wished they announced a lot more of them right now, planning for these things as a fan is insane.
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  17. Where are the UK dates?
  18. Hen you’re talking to a venue manager. I get it babes.
    Monsieur Xtra is a union card holder.
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