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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I just found out I'll have a work trip to Chicago at the end of October that will line up with a few of the dates she has there. I wasn't willing to fly out to see the show, but if my work is sending me anyway that definitely changes things. What would be the best way to go about getting resale tickets? Should I wait until closer to the dates or try to find something ASAP?
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  2. Nice touch changing the lyrics to “Killers”
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  3. This is the fado song. Fascinated to know how she pulls it off.

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  4. Thanks! Will definitely listen later on tonight.
  5. If you have the $$$, there are still some single seats on the floor most nights for $135. I was able to snag one for the 24th right off Ticketmaster in the 13th row aisle for $135 plus fees.

    I imagine stub hub the week of the show though will be hopping with tickets the Boys Town residents couldn’t sell off.
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  6. I hope they release the remix of Crave soon as it sounds kinda neat.
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  7. Doooo we know if the $10 lottery is still a thing?
  8. I texted my dad about the oldies she did last night and all he said back was 'Holy shit!' He ain't ready
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  9. Just having a little listen to the audio and the show sounds so much fun !

    Dying at Madonna saying she found her 'lovely assistants on Grindr'.......Mum !!!
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  10. Yes
  11. Just based on the audio bootleg, I really love how effortless the show is. Madonna seems more chill than ever. If she was nervous or concerned about the show not being done yet in her eyes, you really couldn’t tell until she brought it up herself.
  12. What did she change?
  13. Wasn’t there talk of it being released this month? I thought it was supposed to come out on the 6th, but it’s very on brand for her to be weeks late.
  14. Now it mentions both Israel and Palestine.
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  15. For those who went, would you describe it as a spectacle? Did she dance much? I can’t believe more pictures/videos haven’t surfaced.
  16. Would it have killed this person to hold the camera still?
  17. They’re probably trying to avoid getting caught sis
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