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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Yes and they were great seats too apparently, like 2 rows before the stalls.
  2. I LOVE those guys.
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  3. I thought they said around 90 each? Anyway they will do a podcast about the show today.
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  4. just a question but how many costume changes did she do, and does anybody know what the costumes were like, i seen the one on her IG but what section of the show is it from?
  5. It's the fado section costume

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  6. And they just posted that they got upgraded to 6th row orchestra and were sat next to Andy Cohen. I'm so jealous.
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  7. I heard $45, but I was driving so maybe I misheard it, regardless, even at $90, that's really cheap considering what they got.
  8. Anything under 200 quid apiece is a bargain for this tour.
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  9. Her tour costumes have generally been under par for a looooong time.
    Black black and black.
    The Vogue MDNA basque was a serve.
    but again monochrome.
    The flapper idea was cute on Rebel Heart as was the rockabilly look but they were rather dry.
    The only bit of colour was the MDNA Bride of chucky cheerleader outfit which was awful.
  10. Agree, although I like the polka dot dress for the MadameX promo shots, (very Immaculate Collection). I thought the Eurovision costume was horrific (even tho it was another Gaultier basque)

    She should commission a bit of McQueen and be done with it.
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  11. I went on the ticket site for tonight's show out of curiosity and it made me wait a minute before I got to see the seat map due to demand and traffic. The resale tickets don't seem much lower in price than usual right now but I'm sure they'll drop as the day goes on. Trying to gauge how the prices change throughout these different shows since I have one LA ticket in the second to last row of the balcony, so if I can snatch up a closer ticket for another show for less than it's been...

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  12. I'd go down to the venue if I lived there and try every night at the box office or via anyone selling outside.
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  13. At 7:30 last night, orchestra row A (4 rows from the stage) could be had for $170 each on stubhub

    Lowest I’ve seen tickets go is $42
  14. Future contains a new verse. I like the new version but I'm lightly disappointed by the omission of the trumpets?
  15. She sounds amazing

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  16. I just... live for her dragging fans.
  17. I’ve heard of things like this happening so often (the most notable being the £5 Circus tour tickets @Vasilios) but I’ve NEVER seen it for myself. I was trying to get cheap Ariana tickets for her O2 shows and it was all way above face value.
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  18. Hahahaha the song choice to accompany her post... Trolldonna strikes again!
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  19. I absolutely worship this woman, yettttttt it's a bit rich that she of all people is saying that using a phone in a theatre is obnoxious and unnecessary.
  20. "If you can’t live without your phone for 2 hours-this Experience is not for you"

    Cyst... what about those 3 hours we wait when you come on at 11 *runs*
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