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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Nn I'm loving how dead-set she is about the no phone policy despite having been busted for it herself multiple times in the past. Reformed queen!
  2. It’s not like she was filming or taking photos though. And that’s what she’s talking about, recording the show.
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  3. Twas a joke ma’am, I’m aware of that
  4. I know, but since I already saw some articles about it and some comments..I wanted just to clarify. Of course it’s disrespectful to use a phone in a theather like she did in the past, but as an audience I really don’t care. But if you have your phone in front of me for the whole show..that’s another story.
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  5. It’s still distracting to the performers though in a dark theatre to have a bright light coming from the audience and it’s disrespectful in the exact same way as she’s claiming it is to her. I love her to bits but she’s a hypocrite.
  6. @JMRGBY88
  7. My friend went yesterday and he has posted on Facebook that she was 3 hours late!
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  8. Three hours later than the new 11pm start time or?
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  9. No, someone who was there told me it started around 11:15. Madonna said they were late because of a dancer injury.
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  10. Which one of you wrote this?

    These parts are particularly spot on:

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  11. My date is Feb 22nd so I'm expecting her around the 26th.
  12. Paris bitch?
  13. nah i cant actually remember my date but its a London one bab x
  14. Sis London dates are January.
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  15. aux


    There’s some in February, I’m going on the 1st of Feb x
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  16. Well yes but he said 22!
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  17. I'll wave at you, I'm at the Feb 26th date....
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  18. Anyone going on February 4th?
  19. 'My dog ate my dancer'
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