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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. This. I remember my Berlin MDNA, we had to be there at 3 to get Early Entry numbers then get back at the (super hot cause it was summer) arena at 5, and she came on at 23:00. I kept cursing her and shouting 'fuck off' and I was in a mood even after the show had started and it wasn't until (I may have mentioned this?) she high fived me that my mood changed completely dd.
  2. As much as I'm a fan, I have stuck to my principles and not bought tickets for Madame X after Rebel Heart - Manchester and having 40 mins of the concert chopped.
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  3. Pardon me if this has been established already, but do we know if London theatre has the same curfew the Manchester and Birmingham areans have that affected the Rebel Heart tour? I was at that Manchester date that was cut dead after Material Girl, it stung.
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  4. There should be an obligatory round of high fives with Madonna for everyone that has waited that long.
  5. She reached out to hold my hand at my MDNA show and I got tackled by her security (she initiated the contact) and he stood in front of me any time she came close. So please no more Madonna high fives for me!
  6. 10:45 p.m. start time very much in vogue (and worth the wait) when you’re Madonna

    With a 10:45 p.m. start time, and have topping nearly three hours, the late-night, cell-phone-free spectacle will no doubt garner the ire of some attendees, but the greater takeaway is just how mentally exhausted the performer leaves her fans after the multi-faceted affair, making the show a worthwhile time investment at any start time.

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  7. God, that's terrible

    Is there video of this happening?
  8. It was a really weird night. She was in a bad mood, the MEN stewards were in a really bad mood and then the audience were.... a bit unhappy. I had a really bad cold so i was just ready for bed at that point. It did not help matters that i was stuck next to Madonna’s ‘Number 1 fan’ all night (I don’t know her btw)

    It did make me laugh afterwards when i just thought of Madonna disappearing under the stage to Material Girl with a simple ‘bye bye’ and then ... LIGHTS!!!
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  9. I have zero tolerance for artists who behave that way. I don't care how big of a superstar you are. It's just not cool and so unprofessional to keep people waiting and be purposely late for a performance. It shouldn't be something to celebrate or encourage.

    Unless there's a real solid reason like a technical problem or wardrobe issue, if your ass is supposed to be on stage at 8pm then be on stage at 8pm.
  10. Okay.
    So who else prefers Gambler to Crazy For You?
  11. wasnt there actually a technical problem at the Manchester RHT show though?

    When I saw her in London she was dead on time for RHT, and I don’t remember her being late for Confessions or S&S either tbh.

    I think probably a lot more can go wrong with those big shows moving from venue to venue but there’s not really any excuse at a residency after the first night
  12. I saw Rebel Heart in London and Manchester and had two completely different experiences.

    I ended up going to the O2 on my own because my partner had to work, and I had one of the best nights of my life.

    Manchester was hideous. No one knew what was happening, or if it was going to be cancelled. And when Madonna eventually appeared she totally misjudged the mood and called everyone bitches. I defended her at the time but secretly vowed never to see her in Manchester again. That arena has horrible energy at the best of times. The first time I saw Madonna on the Reinvention tour she dragged the previous night’s audience. And at Rebel Heart security made people stand so far back, she pointed out that you could drive a car past the front of the stage.

    Last time I saw Kylie in Manchester the couple next to me talked the entire time. Literally all night. The arena’s so big, it invariably ends up being padded out with randoms who just want somewhere warm to spend a couple of hours.

    I think part of what people object to is being herded into soulless corporate venues, with no leg room, plastic seats, grim toilets and crappy food. I expect that at the rugby (where the atmosphere’s better) but it’s totally at odds with Madonna’s rhetoric about being a rebel and telling the patriarchy to fuck off. And if you’re going to make people wait two or three hours at least play Madonna videos or unreleased music in the meantime, and sell decent food and merchandise.

    Madonna didn’t raise me to be anybody’s bitch (not even hers) and she definitely didn’t raise me to wear cheaply made t-shirts and polyester Boy Gone Wild pants...
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  13. The file for the rear projection video, which provides most of the lighting for the show, was corrupt and they had to scramble to get hold of a backup file.

    It wasn’t the lateness in Manchester that annoyed people, it was the lack of information and Madonna’s comments when she came on stage.

    It’s like, just tell people you’re having technical difficulties and say “Sorry for your wait.” This is the woman who keeps banging on about wanting to start a revolution of love... start with your fans!
  14. Another annoying thing about the Manchester debacle was that Instagram post afterwards that basically said we should have just been patient and that we “only” missed five songs. Considering I paid £140 to be in the upper tier, I damn well want every song in the show!
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  15. The Open Your Heart singalong was a moment though
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  16. There's this.
  17. I agree that Manchester is a horrible, horrible venue. The stage seems really low down compared to other arenas, and the gap between the barrier and the stage is massive (is this what you’re referring to @Faceintheleaves ?). When I saw Britney there, they made everyone in the standing area sit on the floor and it was so uncomfortable. Anytime the lights dimmed everyone jumped up and tried to scramble to the front, nearly standing on people in the process.
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  18. Yeah I don’t like Manchester Arena either. Birmingham NIA or whatever it’s called now is one of the best ( city centre) I’ve heard some of the best live sound at gigs in that arena.
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  19. She's probably going to get eviscerated by the UK tabloids when she gets here for starting so late. They've no time for that sorta crap.
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